12x12 Layout Kits

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"My Boy" Scrapbooking Layout Kit

Scrapbook enthusiasts will find a wide variety of 12x12 layout kits to make the process of putting an album together faster and easier.

Benefits of Layout Kits

While some scrapbookers enjoy finding every little embellishment and accessory on its own, others will enjoy the benefits that kits offer.

  • Convenience: If you're busy and don't often have hours to browse for each perfect little piece for your album, kits can greatly reduce your shopping time. You can find everything, or most everything, contained in one kit, which allows you to choose one based on theme or colors, and go. Kits are a great alternative for hobbyists looking for time-saving tips.
  • Ease of use: Maybe you have a tough time coming up with ideas or themes. With 12x12 layout kits, you don't have to tax your creativity. Most of them come in pre-made themes such as baby shower, kids, holidays and more. In most cases, all you have to supply is the pictures.
  • Gift ideas: Looking for a gift idea for a fellow scrapbooker? A layout kit is a good option, particularly if you know her favorite themes.

Best Buying Practices

Finding and buying scrapbook supplies is fun, but it can also become expensive. In order to spend wisely when it comes to your hobby, follow smart buying practices.

  • Buy what you need: Some kits are rather simple and inexpensive. They may have enough supplies and embellishments for a two-page spread. Others are very extensive and can be pricey; they may contain enough paper and accessories for a whole album. For the best value, buy what you need. If you're creating an entire Halloween-theme scrapbook, you'll need more supplies than if you're only making a page or two.
  • Paper vs. embellishments: Some layout kits only carry 12x12 paper and no embellishments. The paper may be arranged by coordinating colors or holiday theme. Make sure you know what a kit contains before buying so that you get exactly what you want.

Scrapbooking Clubs

Some scrapbook suppliers offer club memberships, where you receive monthly kits. The Scrap Room seeks to make scrapbooking more convenient by sending out a "Flavor of the Month" kit, which contains enough supplies for eight 12x12 pages. This is a good option for the home-bound scrapbooker, but busy hobbyists will also enjoy the convenience.

Suppliers of 12x12 Layout Kits

Kits this size are easy to find, as the 12x12 layout remains among the most popular, vs. 8x8 or 6x6 mini size. You can usually find a variety of layout kits at craft stores such as Joann, Michaels, A.C. Moore and Hobby Lobby. Or, you can browse online scrapbook sites such as:

Great Variety of Options

Pre-packaged layout kits offer a good deal of convenience and variety for any scrapbooking fan. Being able to shop by color or theme makes it easier on those who find whole shelves of choices overwhelming. You can save quite a bit of time creating your next album by using a layout kit.

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