Accordion Scrapbook Kit

Accordion scrapbook kits allow crafters to be creative in putting together small albums.

Whether you want to create an extravagant book for your best friend's baby shower or a mini album for Grandma, an accordion scrapbook kit offers an easy way to keep memories alive forever.

About Accordion Scrapbook Kits

An accordion or fold-out album is a scrapbook with multiple connected folding pages. It has embellished front and back covers, opens like an accordion and is usually tied with a fancy ribbon. This style of scrapbooking has gained notoriety over the last few years because of its simplicity and availability in shapes, themes and sizes.


Accordion kits are a great idea for those who love to scrapbook but don't have a lot of time or money to spend on this craft. Also, if you know someone who wants to learn to scrapbook, this type of kit is a good way to get her started. It's basic, easy to design and doesn't require a whole lot of skill or creativity. Other advantages include:

  • Because the pages in this scrapbooking album are connected, they cannot get lost or placed out-of-order.
  • They come in a variety of shapes, themes and sizes.
  • Because of their simplicity, they are easy enough for a child to use.
  • The kits have just about everything you need to create a scrapbook. They save time and are cost-efficient.
  • Accordion scrapbook kits are perfect for someone who has never scrapbooked before.
  • The completed albums make great little gifts because they fit in a tote bag or purse.


For the more experienced scrapbooker, a simple kit such this may not be challenging or allow for enough creativity. You are limited in the amount of ideas available or there may not be one in the theme you want. Other disadvantages include:

  • Since the pages are connected, the kit can be cumbersome to work on.
  • A small child may actually think the book is an accordion and bend the pages out of shape.
  • It may be hard to repair if the pages get pulled or ripped apart.
  • You cannot add pages to the album.

Styles of Accordion Scrapbooks

Accordion scrapbook kits come in many styles. Here are some of the more popular themes:

  • Home improvement
  • French market
  • Picnic
  • Fashion
  • Friends
  • Spring/flowers
  • Life's journey
  • Happiness
  • Joyful
  • Carefree

Where to Buy an Accordion Scrapbook Kit

You can purchase an accordion scrapbook kit at any crafts store. For a larger selection, however, your best bet may be to find a kit online:

  • SCRAPBOOKFARE offers a mini scrapbook kit that contains over 125 pieces for embellishments.
  • Etsy merchants offer a variety of accordion scrapbook kits.
  • The Paper Cut lets you choose kits in a variety of colors.

Going Homemade

While buying a prepared kit may be more convenient, if you are looking to make the project completely unique, you can also create your own accordion scrapbook album. This way, you can use your own stickers, die cuts and embellishments, as well as make it your own size and shape. The following Web sites have directions on creating your own accordion scrapbook:

A Final Thought

Since not everyone is creative enough to design an original album as a small gift, an accordion scrapbook kit is an excellent alternative. Having all your supplies and directions right in front of you can help learn this craft in no time.

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