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Alphabet Paper Punches

Alphabet Letters

Alphabet paper punches are a must-have tool for your scrapbooking arsenal. Not only are they great for titles, but these sets can also be used to create cards, embellishments and non-scrapbooking related items such as posters and jewelry. Whether an entire phrase or just a single initial, utilize alphabet punches to create fabulous works of art.

Types of Alphabet Paper Punches

The most common type of paper punch is sold as a set of 26 individual punches with one letter on each tool. Online retailers such as Discount School Supply and Scrapbook Supply House offer these sets. The punched size is typically small, with each letter measuring between one-quarter and one-half inch tall. Other retailers like Martha Stewart Crafts, however, offers all 26 letters on two jumbo punches. The dual set takes up significantly less space than the traditional 26 letter punch sets and also punches one-half of the alphabet with each squeeze of the handle.

Alphabet Ideas for Scrapbooking

Titles are the most obvious way to use alphabet paper punches in scrapbook layouts. For more visual interest, outline the letters with a fine-tipped marker or glitter pen. You can also embellish the letters with beads, wire, or stickers to create a collage effect.

Embellishments are another popular way to use alphabet punches. Pair with stickers or other punched shapes to create "punch art". Use the letter "B" sideways to create a scalloped edge. The letter "C' can be used as scales on a fish and the letter "O" can be fashioned into a flower by layering several "O" punches into a circular flower shape. Experiment with letters as shapes to see what you can come up with.

Jewelry Ideas

Monogrammed jewelry is a classic accent piece. Freshen up your fashion jewelry repertoire by adding a punched initial necklace. Punch out the desired initial from a piece of your favorite patterned paper. Then, using a one-eighth size hole punch, create a hole at the top of the letter for ribbon to be strung through. Stamp with embossing ink and sprinkle UTEE over the punched letter. Dry with a heat embossing gun, then repeat several times until the desired thickness is reached. Once the letter has dried completely, string onto a thin wire or ribbon and tie so the letter can be worn as a necklace.

Other Uses

Cards are another way to utilize your punches. Personalize the card by punching out the recipient's name and adhering to the front of the card or add dimension by placing pop dots onto the back of certain letters in a sentiment. For example, in a Valentine's Day card, you may want to place more emphasis on the word "love" or "you" in part of the card so you can punch out the individual letters and pop them up for added focus.

Small signs for garage sales or bake sales, school projects, and photo frames are other ways to incorporate the use of alphabet paper punches into everyday activities. For school projects, create titles for posters and science fair projects. Embellish simple wooden frames with phrases such as "family", "Mr. and Mrs.", or the subject's name to make a custom frame. Simply adhere the punched letters to the frame using a craft glue such as Mod Podge which creates a decoupaged look.

Final Tips

Regardless of what use you bought the punches for, try some of these additional options to get the most out of your alphabet paper punches. You may be surprised at how versatile those 26 little paper letters actually are.

Alphabet Paper Punches