Apple Theme Scrapbook Pages

Apple Theme Scrapbook Background Paper

Apple theme scrapbook pages are perfect for scrapping back-to-school and other fall memories.

Apples are casual. They suggest snacking, school recess, and fall fun. Your apple-themed scrapbook page should carry this casual tone with informal fonts and rough and wrinkled paper or fabric edges. Apples can also be old-fashioned if you use sepia-toned papers and journal in simple cursive fonts.

Using a combination of all of these ideas, you can create an entire apple theme scrapbook album to give your child's teacher at the end of the school year.

Apple Theme Scrapbook Page Color Scheme

Whether you plan to create a digital scrapbook page or a traditional paper layout, first choose either a single, dramatic photo or several smaller photos to feature on your page. Next, find an apple color like green or red in your photo and look for papers and embellishments to highlight that color. Either match and coordinate bright clothing or landscaping in your photos with the apple accents and embellishments on your page for a cohesive look, or contrast them for a vibrant and exciting layout.

Choose either a green or red base color, then use the other color for accents, along with a neutral like sepia, white, or black. Make sure that your colors either match or look good together before buying any papers or embellishments; some reds clash with each other, just as some greens do.

Apple Scrapbooking Elements

You can create fun, unique pages by adding apple-related materials to your scrapbook that were not specifically designed for scrapbooking. Remember though, when using original photos in your scrapbook, you should protect your photos from potentially acidic materials that may damage them over time. If you are not certain that the ink, paper, or other materials that are in contact with your scrapbook photos are acid-free, you can spray them with a neutralizing agent such as Make it Acid Free by Krylon. A three-ounce bottle of the spray costs about $5.

Apple Theme Background Papers

Keep your background papers simple and embellish your apple theme scrapbook page with cute and colorful frames and elements. A plain black background can be made to look like a chalkboard if your journaling font resembles chalk; a great look for a back-to-school layout. Gingham checked background papers will compliment any apple themed page.

Cut uneven sections of papers and sew or glue them on the page like pieces of a patchwork quilt. If you are handy with a needle, use decorative stitching to embellish them further.

Cut an apple in half and cover the flat part of the apple in ink or paint, then stamp it onto your page for a unique handmade paper.

Apple Scrapbook Embellishments

Real apple seeds can be glued around a photo or used as a page border. You can also find apple clip art to print and either cut a frame out of its middle, or layer your photo over it on the page. Colorful strips of rick-rack are right at home with a casual apple-theme layout; layer them over each other and sew them by hand or machine to your page.

Look for apple buttons or small fabric appliqués at your local fabric or craft store to embellish your page. Raid old jewelry boxes for apple and alphabet charms and dangle these from a chain that you sew to the scrapbook page, making sure not to cover the most important parts of your photo or journaling.

Denim pockets cut from old jeans can be sewn or glued to your page, or you can scan them to use with a digital scrapbook layout. Leave the tops of the pockets open and place keepsakes related to your page inside; a note or theater ticket can peek from the top.


Find an apple quote that seems relevant to your page to use as a title, such as this one from Martin Luther: "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." Keep your journaling simple, even childlike. Fonts that resemble children's handwriting are perfect for a younger child's photos or scrapbook pages for teachers. Journal from the child's point of view to complete the theme.

Make an Apple Theme Scrapbook Album

If you are creating an entire scrapbook based on an apple theme, look for seasonal and holiday items every month to add to your scrapbook elements. You will find Christmas and Halloween apple decorations, seed packet envelopes in the spring, apple Valentines, and so on. Dry sliced apples and spray with varnish or cover in clear nail polish to embellish your album cover.

Apple theme scrapbook pages are fun no matter what the occasion, so plan ahead and enjoy scrapping, and your page will be a success!

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