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Coming up with page ideas for your baby's scrapbook doesn't have to be difficult. After all, babies are cute and cuddly, and they're experiencing all of life's special moments for the first time. This should provide you with plenty of material for your layouts. All you need are some helpful tips to get started.

Free Printables for Baby Scrapbooks

One way to start putting your scrapbook pages together is to use free printables as inspiration. You can combine them for a cohesive look or pick and choose what you'd like to use along with your photos and trinkets. To download the following printables, click on the image you want to open the corresponding .pdf file. From there you can save the file or print it out.

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Organize Your Scrapbook Ideas

Organization is key when creating scrapbooks, especially with a new baby in the house. The following tips will help you stay organized.

Keep Files

If you're a new mom, you probably won't have time to scrapbook your baby's photos on a regular basis. Purchase a large accordion file to keep track of your ideas for your baby's scrapbook. Jot down journaling ideas as they come to you, and then paperclip them to the corresponding photos before tossing them in your file. When you're ready to scrapbook, you'll have everything you need to create a meaningful keepsake.

Keep Formatting Simple

Another great way to stay organized while creating your baby's scrapbook is to structure your album in a month-by-month format. Instead of planning to create several separate layouts, simply do a coordinating two-page spread for every month of your baby's first year. If you received a baby's first year calendar as a baby shower gift, you can even incorporate your calendar pages into this album to supplement your journaling.

Create Page Outlines

It's a good idea to outline your ideas before starting the baby scrapbook. By planning your scrapbook pages in outline form, you can figure out the necessary supplies. You may also want to take notes on each page or practice on scratch paper so that you won't ruin good paper or design elements with errors.

Choosing a Theme

A theme can help you organize your scrapbook. Some moms even select a theme that corresponds to their nursery theme or a favorite cartoon character.


Traditional baby boy layout; copyright Embosser at

You can select a single toy theme, such as teddy bears, dolls, or cars. You can also create a Babes in Toyland theme and have a variety of different toys in the design.

Cartoon and Storybook Characters

Maybe you want to introduce your little one to Peter Rabbit for the first time by using a Beatrix Potter theme for your scrapbook. Or perhaps you love Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies or Disney's Mickey Mouse. You can find plenty of paper, stickers, and design elements in many different cartoon and storybook character themes.

Old-Fashioned Baby Themes

You can find many design elements, albums and paper with traditional baby themes for girls and boys. Lace, pink ribbon, blue and yellow plaid, or blue bootie design elements could be a part of an old fashioned baby theme.

Modern, Simple Baby Themes

Many modern baby scrapbook albums are very simple with bright colors and less of the traditional album frilliness. Many of these albums focus on artistic arrangement of the photos.

Photo Ideas

It's amazing how fast babies can change! It may seem like your baby just came home from the hospital, but he/she will be walking and talking before you know it. Capture these precious memories by including photos of the following activities and milestones in your baby scrapbook:

Baby scrapbook layout; copyright Indigocrow at
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Sleeping
  • Taking a bath
  • Making a mess while learning to eat
  • Playing with favorite toys
  • First teeth
  • Getting his/her first haircut
  • First steps

Of course, you'll also want to include plenty of portraits in your baby scrapbook. Many parents choose to have professional photos of their baby taken every two or three months for the first year. If you're on a tight budget, look for portrait discounts at chain stores such as JCPenney.


Since your baby won't remember much about his/her first years, it's up to you to keep a record of this time. Use the following questions as a starting point for your scrapbook:

  • How would you describe your baby's personality? Is your baby silly, serious, shy, or sociable?
  • What do you do with your baby for fun? Do you go to the park, listen to music, or read stories together?
  • What are some of your baby's favorite foods? What foods does he/she hate?
  • Is your baby a "good" sleeper? Does your baby fall asleep in unusual places? How many naps does your baby take in a typical day? Do you have a special nighttime ritual to help your baby sleep?
  • Do you think your baby looks more like you or more like his/her father? Does your baby have mannerisms that remind you of another relative?

Adding Personal Touches

Artistic layout for baby scrapbook page; copyright Embosser at

Your personal artistry is what will really set your work apart. Here are a few tips to make the scrapbook even more special.

  • Arrange the scrapbook in the form of a story.
  • Place the photos and descriptions on the scrapbook page in an artistic manner.
  • Add cartoon speech bubbles to the photos to narrate the pages.
  • Select special poems or sayings for certain scrapbook pages.
  • Write a letter to your baby in the scrapbook.

Shopping for Baby Scrapbook Supplies

Since babies are a very popular scrapbooking subject, it's not difficult to find baby-themed scrapbook supplies. You can find patterned paper, stickers, ribbon, buttons, flowers, and other supplies at your local scrapbook store or large craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels. You can also buy baby-themed scrapbook supplies from websites like and A Cherry on Top.

Another option is to combine purchased supplies with free baby-themed printables. You'll save money on paper, leaving a bit extra for special touches.

Relax and Scrap

Scrapbook time can provide you with a way to relax during those busy newborn months. Just take a few moments for yourself to work on your ideas. Even with a busy schedule, you can create a special baby scrapbook that you and your child will treasure for years to come.

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