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For many families, nothing says summer like a day at the beach. As you're packing up your suits, towels and other beach gear for your trip, don't forget to include your camera so you can capture the memories for your scrapbook. You may also want to take a notebook for some quick notes to journal later. Here are a few fun beach-themed page ideas to consider.

Beach-Theme Scrapbook Layout Ideas

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First Dip

first dip scrapbook page

No matter how hot it is outside, nothing is quite as shocking as that first dip in the water. Capture photos of your children, family and friends as they enter the water for the first time. Make notes of their reactions in a journal to use in your layout. To create a scrapbook page with these photos, make a background that simulates the beach.

  1. Apply a sheet of tan cardstock to cover the entire page.
  2. Trim a piece of blue vellum with a random, scalloped design, and arrange it so it overlaps most of the tan cardstock.
  3. Arrange your photos randomly on the page, but leave plenty of room for journaling under each one.
  4. Use rub-on letters to create a "First Dip" title for the page.
  5. You can further embellish the layout by adding beach-themed scrapbook stickers or die cuts.

Sunbathing Beauty

sunbathing beauty scrapbook page

If you have a teen in your life, you know they love to spend a lot of time lying in the sun. When your teen isn't looking, snap a few photos of her catching rays at the beach.

  1. To make a layout around this theme, start with a sand-colored background paper.
  2. Add a yellow cardstock sun to the top of the page, and place photos of the sunbathing beauty across the middle.
  3. For a fun look, use decorative borders or frames that coordinate with her bathing suit.
  4. Add beach embellishments like sunglasses, sunscreen bottles, floppy hats and sun umbrellas.

Seashells Galore

seashells galore scrapbook page

Collecting seashells is a popular activity, and it can be the perfect subject for a beach scrapbook layout. Get photos of everyone picking up shells, and take a few close-up shots of the shells on the sand. Then, make your own beach-textured background.

  1. Select a tan or cream-colored piece of heavy cardstock.
  2. Spray the cardstock with a photo-safe adhesive, and then sprinkle it liberally with clear glitter.
  3. Place shell-shaped die cuts randomly on the page, and use acid-free markers to give the shells a little extra detail and dimension.
  4. Arrange your photos on the page, leaving room for journaling.

Sandcastle Prince or Princess

sandcastle scrapbook page

If your beach trip includes building a sandcastle, you can create a castle-themed layout. Get photos throughout castle construction, along with plenty of pictures of your child with the completed castle.

  1. To create a sandcastle scrapbook page, cut a castle shape out of sand-colored cardstock.
  2. Use a craft knife or rotary cutter to make windows in the sandcastle.
  3. Apply the photos of your children behind the windows so they are looking out of them.
  4. Place the whole piece on a light blue background.
  5. Include a space for journaling, as well as a photo of the finished castle.

Chasing Seagulls

chasing seagulls scrapbook page

Most children can't resist chasing seagulls when there's a flock on the beach. Have your camera ready so you capture all the action. Select one or two of the very best photos to include in the following layout.

  1. Select a sand-themed background paper.
  2. Decide where to place one or two photos, and leave room for a little journaling.
  3. Use rubber stamps or rub-on letters to create a "Chasing Seagulls" title to the page, either horizontally or vertically down one edge.
  4. Add some additional seagull embellishments, such as dimensional stickers or die-cuts.

Surf Fun

surf fun scrapbook page

There are many ways to have fun in the waves. Take photos of family and friends as they surf or go boogie boarding, jet skiing or even para sailing.

  1. Select a scrapbook background paper that looks like the lake or ocean.
  2. Crop your photos so the people look like action figures using their sporting equipment, and place them in strategic spots on the background.
  3. If you have really great shots you don't want to crop, attach them to your page and either purchase or create splash photo frames for them.
  4. Create a title like "Catching the Waves" or "Surf Forever."
  5. Add a caption for each photo.

Sunset at the Beach

sunset at the beach scrapbook page

After a long day of fun in the sun, there's something very peaceful and satisfying about watching the sun set. If you can capture some great photos of the moment, they're worth preserving in your scrapbook.

  1. Choose a background that has colors which complement your sunset photos.
  2. Attach your photos to the page, and frame them with burnished gold cardstock frames.
  3. Journal about how you felt as you watched that sunset, and don't forget to include your favorite memories of the day.

A page design like this doesn't require a lot of extra embellishment, so just let your photos and journaling tell the story.

Beach Theme Embellishments Inspire

Photos are the heart of any scrapbook page, but embellishments like die cuts, stickers and more can make that page even more appealing. Some beach items just seem to go together naturally, so consider the following ideas for grouping embellishments together, and see if you find some inspiration.

  • Seashells and palm trees
  • Sand, pails, and sandcastles
  • Umbrellas, beach towels, sunscreen bottles, and cold drinks
  • Bathing suits and flip flops or sandals
  • Beach balls and toy sail boats
  • Seaweed, fish and starfish

Memorabilia also makes a great embellishment for your scrapbook pages. Consider adding real seashells, sand, or a postcard from the beach you are visiting.

Helpful Tips

Keep the following tips in mind to help you create a beautiful beach-themed page.

  • If the day doesn't turn out the way you originally planned, just go with the flow. Sometimes unexpected events, like the wind blowing away your beach umbrella or your child dumping sand on her head, are great fodder for creativity.
  • When you're taking photos outside you can sometimes run into issues with wind or lighting. Be sure you take plenty of photos so you're sure to have some you really love.
  • There's an old adage that says a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it takes a few words to bring out the real charm of a photo. Adding a little journaling to your layouts will enhance your memories every time you look at them.

Capturing Fun Memories

A day at the beach can be the source of many fun memories and a beach scrapbook is the perfect way to preserve these remembrances for years to come. Whether you use one of these layout ideas or create your own concept, you'll be glad you captured that special day in an album.

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