Beach Theme Cartridges for Provo Cricut Machines

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If you love creating die cuts for your summer scrapbook layouts, you'll be excited to learn about the beach theme cartridges for Provo Cricut machines.

What Is a Cricut?

Do you enjoy using die cut shapes in your scrapbooks? These cute designs can be very useful for scrapbookers, but buying them can get expensive. You also may have trouble finding exactly the right shape for your layout, or you might want a certain shape in a different color. If you're an avid scrapbooker, a Cricut machine could end up being your best friend.

The Cricut is manufactured by Provo Craft, a Utah-based craft supply company. You can use the Cricut to create elaborate die cut images for your scrapbook layouts, as well as cards and other craft projects. The Cricut uses cartridges to create various designs and letters. The beach theme Cricut cartridge is one of the most popular.

Beach Theme Die Cuts

Considered by many scrapbookers to be a necessity for summer layouts, beach die cuts can add dimension and extra style to your scrapbook pages. Some of the images included on the "Life's a Beach" Cricut cartridge are as follows:

  • Seashells
  • Sail boats and cruise ships
  • Sandcastles
  • Fish and sea animals
  • Anchors
  • Swimming suits
  • Pails
  • Umbrellas
  • Waves
  • Treasure chests

You can also use the "Life's a Beach" cartridge to create titles, since it includes a special font. The lettering has a tropical, tiki-lounge style and is perfectly suited to beach layouts.

Consider embellishing your beach die cuts with some of these techniques:

  • Use a thin layer of glue, and dust your die cuts with craft sand.
  • Use rubber stamps to add another dimension to your work.
  • Try abrasive materials like sandpaper and steel wool to give your beach die cuts a worn appearance.
  • With an eye dropper, place a few drops of water on your beach die cuts to give a washed-up look.

Shopping for Beach Theme Cartridges for Provo Cricut Machines

The list price for the "Life's a Beach" cartridge is $89.99, but many retailers offer a discount. You can find Cricut cartridges at most craft stores, but you're likely to get the best deal if you shop online.

The following Internet retailers offer Cricut cartridges:

Scrapbooking Uses for Beach Die Cuts

You can use the "Life's a Beach" cartridge for more than just your summer scrapbook. Try these other fun layout ideas:

  • Family vacation in Florida
  • Kids in the sandbox
  • Pirate party
  • Snorkeling photos
  • Indoor beach party

Beyond Scrapbooks

The "Life's a Beach" cartridge is a great tool for any scrapbooking die cut enthusiast, but you can use these die cuts for more than memory books. Try some of the following ideas to get the most use out of your beach theme Cricut cartridge:

  • Use the cartridge to create summer party invitations. You can make your own greeting cards and beach party invites using shapes like the sandcastle or beach umbrella. You can also create children's pirate party invitations using the treasure chest.
  • Embellish your beach gear with these die cuts. Use the Cricut shapes to create stencils, and then do a little decorative painting on your beach tote.
  • Use die cuts to decorate cookies. To do this, hold a beach shape over a frosted cookie and dust with colored sugar.

No matter how your use your beach theme cartridges for Provo Cricut machines, you'll find that these versatile scrapbooking tools are lots of fun!

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Beach Theme Cartridges for Provo Cricut Machines