Boy Scout Scrapbook Ideas

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Are you looking for Boy Scout scrapbook ideas? Scrapbooks are great ways to capture fun and rewarding experiences. Researching scrapbook ideas can help you make your son's Boy Scout memory book extra special.

Scrapbook Planning

It helps to plan ahead before starting your scrapbook. Planning ahead will prevent you from overspending on unnecessary supplies. You need to figure out the following before starting the scrapbook:

  • Budget: Determine your scrapbook budget.
  • Digital Or Traditional Album: Choose the album format that will be the most fun for you. Traditional albums provide more opportunities for artwork by hand. Digital albums allow a person to create the entire scrapbook on the computer.
  • Layout Ideas: Write down layout ideas before shopping.
  • Photos: Take inventory of the photos that you plan to use.
  • Decorative Elements: Figure out what type of decorative elements you want to use.

Do rough sketches of the scrapbook layout to get a sense of how many decorative elements are needed and what you will do with them. Determine which photos to use and if you need to crop or edit them.

Once you have a general plan for the Boy Scout scrapbook, you can purchase supplies and begin the scrapbook.

Boy Scout Theme Supplies

The Boy Scouts of America manufactures official scrapbooking products such as albums and stickers. Design elements in the Boy Scout theme include:

  • Boy Scout scrapbook albums for all scouting levels
  • Cub Scout stickers with phrases
  • Boy Scout stickers featuring uniforms and scouting camp symbols
  • Eagle Scout stickers with badge replicas, phrases and an eagle

You can also use unofficial decorative elements that work for the same events as the scouting decorations. Look for decorative elements in the following designs:

  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Horseback riding
  • Travel
  • Crafts
  • Sports

Boy Scout Scrapbook Ideas Guide

Here are some Boy Scout scrapbook ideas for personalizing your son's memory book:

  • Badge Scrapbooks: Create a scrapbook focusing on how your son earned each of his badges. Chronicle his activities as he earned the badge, leading to the page where he is presented with the badge.
  • Award Ceremonies Memory Books: Design a scrapbook section entirely about award ceremonies and your son's awards.
  • Camping Trip Photo Scrapbook: Tell your son's camping trip stories all in pictures. Artistically place the photos in chronological order.
  • Scouting Trip Stories: Create the scrapbook in the form of a story book about a scouting trip.

Online Supply Resources

The Internet is an excellent source to find Boy Scout scrapbooking supplies. The following websites offer scouting scrapbook supplies:

  • Scout Stuff: Scout Stuff provides a number of Boy Scout scrapbook supplies such as paper, stickers and albums.
  • The Boy Scout Store: This store offers paper, stickers and embellishments for your scrapbooking needs.
  • Scrappin Stuff: Scrappin Stuff has a selection of Boy Scout scrapbooking supplies for all levels - from Cub scouts to Eagle scouts.

Boy Scout Scrapbook Examples

The Internet also has helpful online resources with advice, examples or tutorials on Boy Scout scrapbooks. Websites with helpful scrapbook information include:

Once you research Boy Scout scrapbook ideas, you will have a better sense of how to plan your son's scrapbook. Have your son work on the scrapbook with you. Scrapbooking makes a fun family project.

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Boy Scout Scrapbook Ideas