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Scrapbooking is often thought of as an expensive hobby, but there are many budget scrapbooking tips you can use to save money while still creating attractive layouts to preserve your family's precious memories. It may not be possible to stick to an entirely free scrapbooking plan, but you can certainly keep your costs to a minimum.

Smart Shopping and Budget Scrapbooking

Smart shopping is the key to successful budget scrapbooking. Ask around to find out what stores in your area carry the cheapest scrapbook paper. Sign up for email newsletters from your favorite stores so you'll always be the first to learn of any sales or coupons that are available. When you go shopping, check the clearance section for scrapbook discounts on everything from stickers to chipboard alphabets. Since new scrapbook products are constantly being released, it doesn't take long for items to be discounted 50% or more.

Saving Money with Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking is an excellent way to save money, since there are so many sites offering digital scrapbook freebies in an effort to gain exposure for new designers. Even if you're not interested in digital scrapbooking, however, your computer can be a great tool for designing frugal scrapbook pages. From free clip art flowers and free graffiti fonts, there are a number of Web sites offering low cost ways to embellish your scrapbook layouts. You can even download scrapbook paper to print at home, making it possible to design great looking pages whenever creative inspiration happens to strike!

Budget Scrapbooking