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If you love the creativity of traditional scrapbooking but want something more convenient and affordable, these digital scrapbooking projects are ideal. From holiday-themed scrapbooks to beautiful layouts, you'll… Keep reading »

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As crafters become more accustomed to using technology to create their layouts, digital scrapbooking continues to grow in popularity. If you're looking for an affordable yet convenient alternative to traditional paper scrapbooking, find out the basics of creating beautiful digital layouts for your albums.

The Benefits of Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking can give you all the beauty without all the mess. And if you have a printer, ink and paper then you can get away with your digital craft for a very low cost. Whether you describe your design style as elegant and sophisticated or fun and contemporary, there are free kits and page embellishments available to fit your needs. Learn how to download scrapbook paper and quickly locate digital scrapbook freebies that suit your unique sense of style. A digital scrapbooking tutorial can get you started right now.

Get Great Software

To create a digital scrapbook, you're going to need some kind of digital editing software. Not to worry, there are a lot of specific software programs designed for digital scrapbookers. These programs make your life simple through their easy-to-use interface and elements designed specifically for creating digital works of art. And, they all aren't going to cost you an arm or a leg either. Some programs are even free. Once you've picked out your software, follow tips for creating pages using Photoshop Elements and other programs.

Find the Perfect Layout

Now that you've got the program, it's time to start digging in. Learning how to layout your book can be scary, but not if you know where to look. Computer magazines have scrapbook techniques where you can find inspiration and tips. Look at galleries of digital scrapbooking projects and start brainstorming your own layout.

Fun Digital Elements

The fun part about digital scrapbooking is the versatility in the elements that you can find online. Not only can you find embellishments like vintage elements, digital flowers and free stickers, but you can find Christmas backgrounds too. It doesn't just stop at backgrounds either. There are dozens of different papers and design elements that you can try in the digital world to create a digital memory book or even digital vacation album.

Choosing fun digital imagery for layout

All the Fun With None of the Mess

Scrapbooking is amazing but it can also be costly and messy. Not only are you stamping, sticking and gluing, but you can spend days roaming the aisles of the crafting section finding your embellishments, stamps and wording. Instead, give digital scrapbooking a try. It's simple enough that you don't need a graphics degree to get started, and you end up with some amazing scrapbooks that you can either print online or share digitally.

Digital Scrapbooking Resources and Ideas