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Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve your favorite memories in a unique format. If you've never created a scrapbook before, you're in for a treat! There are many fun options available for your use that you can combine with your own creativity and personal style.

The Beginning Scrapbooker

When you first get started with scrapbooking, it helps to know what you'll need as far as supplies. In addition to your book, you can use stickers, patterned and colored paper, ribbon, favorite quotes and personal mementos. There are also tools you can purchase, depending on your budget, such as paper cutters, rub-ons, pre-made embellishments, inking stamps and brads. Once you have your supplies gathered and organized, the next step is to figure out what your page layouts will be. There are many examples of layouts and accents you can use for inspiration

Scrapbook Project Ideas

Once you've gathered all of your scrapbooking tools and supplies and have perused some layouts to get ideas, you'll need to decide what your scrapbook "topic" will be. People who enjoy scrapbooking will use their projects to commemorate many special people, places and events. Some common possibilities are:

Learning All About Scrapbooking

The possibilities for scrapbook projects are endless and you're only limited by your budget and your imagination. Some modern scrapbookers prefer to make theirs on a computer. This can be just as fun as a physical book once you add in digital embellishments using programs like Adobe Photoshop. Regardless of how you make your scrapbook, it's a hobby that's not only enjoyable but helps you cherish your life in an artistic format you can make all your own.

Scrapbooking Pictures