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Scrapbooking often means keeping large reams of paper, embellishments and several tools where you need them. This makes one central storage place, such as a cart, invaluable for many scrapbookers. With some scrapbook storage carts costing hundreds of dollars however, you may feel like you're never going to get your scrapbook supplies organized. Luckily there are several scrapbook carts that come in at much more affordable prices.

Five Inexpensive Scrapbook Storage Carts

These five carts offer lots of functionality and storage for a price many scrapbookers can afford.

Multicolor 10-drawer Storage Cart

You'll find some style along with storage with this multicolor 10-drawer storage cart. Priced under $50, this cart is built with scrapbookers in mind. Features include:

  • Chrome frame
  • Swivel, locking castors
  • 10 drawers, each measuring 2.75 inches x 10.5 inches x 14.5 inches
  • Translucent, rainbow colored drawers

The cart can hold both large and small tools, and easily holds lots of 8-inch scrapbooking paper. On the downside, it is too small to easily hold larger crafting paper sizes.

Iris Medium Cart with 6 Clear Drawers and Organizer Top

Iris medium cart
Iris medium cart

Iris makes multiple carts ideal for scrapbooking, and at under $40 the Iris Medium Cart with 6 Clear Drawers with Organizer Top is the perfect fit for many craft rooms. The cart features:

  • Black, plastic frame
  • Locking castors
  • Six shallow drawers measuring 14.25 x 12.05
  • Top with organizing sections for storing small items like stamps or embellishments
  • Clear plastic drawers

The cart's drawers are ideally sized for holding 12-inch scrapbooking paper as well as large and small tools.

6-Case Scrapbook Cart

The 6-Case Scrapbook Cart from the Container Store is an ideal cart for scrapbookers who need organization and storage. The cart costs under $60 and includes:

  • Six drawers specially sized to hold 12-inch scrapbook paper
  • A divider tray built into the top of the cart
  • Locking castors
  • Durable plastic frame

Each of the drawers has a lid to help protect your paper and supplies from dust and other debris.

Sterilite 6 Drawer Craft Cart

This acid free, plastic cart from Sterilite contains six drawers made of durable materials. Costing under $40, the cart includes:

  • Translucent drawers for easy organization
  • Locking castors
  • Drawers measuring 14.4 x 14.4-inches for scrapbook paper storage
Rolling 6 drawer storage cart
Rolling 6 drawer storage cart

Rolling Storage Cart with 6 Drawers

If you need a cart with multiple sized drawers, as well as drawers large enough to hold some larger tools, check out this Rolling Storage Cart with 6 Drawers. Priced at under $35, the cart features:

  • Four shallow and two deep drawers for organization
  • Chrome frame
  • Swivel, locking castors
  • Plastic work surface on top

All drawers measure 13.2 X 8.8-inches, regardless of depth, so they have plenty of room for holding paper.

Affordable Storage

Keeping your scrapbooking materials protected, organized and in easy reach can help save you time and money on your hobby. Without needing to double purchase items because they've gone missing, or spend your time hunting down that missing stamp, you'll find yourself crafting with time to spare. Invest in one of these cheap scrapbook storage carts and help get your crafting room perfectly organized.

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