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Cricut machines are electronic cutting machines that make a variety of designs, from letters to shapes. The Cricut Jukebox is a cartridge station that works with any Cricut machine, including the original baby bug, the Cricut Expression and the Cricut Create. Load it up with multiple cartridges to make your cutting faster and easier.

What Is a Jukebox

The Cricut Jukebox is a cartridge station that connects to your Cricut. Just like a music jukebox allows you to load up and choose between multiple albums, the Cricut Jukebox allows you to load up and choose between multiple cartridges.

Advantages of the Jukebox

The Jukebox is completely optional; your Cricut works just fine without it. It does offer some distinct advantages though, which using a Cricut on its own does not offer.

  • You can load up to six cartridges at a time into the Jukebox, rather than a single cartridge into the Cricut
  • The Jukebox allows you to use several cartridges at once for creating complex designs, or for cutting multiple shapes from one sheet of paper.
  • Without having to stop and change a cartridge for each cut, you can work faster without disturbing your paper as you go.
  • You can hook up three Jukeboxes together, which gives you access to 18 cartridges at once.
  • The Jukebox offers a storage system for cartridges not in use. This keeps your cartridges protected, but easy to access when you need them.
  • It works with Design Studio software to help you complete complex projects quickly.
  • The Jukebox is extremely versatile; any scrapbooker who makes complex cuts and any crafter who uses a Cricut to make signs, boxes, greeting cards and other embellishments can use a Cricut.

Disadvantages of the Jukebox

While most users swear by their Jukebox, there are a few disadvantages as well.

  • The Jukebox does not work in Craft Room. This means that any designs or cuts done in Craft Room still require you to load your cartridges one at a time. For users that rely heavily on Craft Room, this is a distinct disadvantage.
  • The top needs to be lifted off the Jukebox each time it is used. While not a large inconvenience, this can slow you down and the hinges that hold the two pieces can come loose over time.
  • The cord that comes with the Jukebox is extremely short. Unless you have enough space to place your Jukebox and Cricut right next to one another, you may have to invest in a separate, longer cord.

Convenient Features of the Cricut Jukebox

Cricut Jukebox
Cricut Jukebox

The Cricut Jukebox simplifies the cutting process of the machines. Its sole use is to make your cutting faster and much simpler than it was before.

  • The cartridge you want to use is selected by pressing a button on the Jukebox, making it simple to choose the cartridges you want to use or switch from one design to another.
  • The system gives you a way to store your cartridges all in one location for convenience. The base of the machine holds the handbooks and overlays to make an overall storage unit.
  • The carrying handle makes it portable and convenient for moving it around.
  • The clear top of the Jukebox enables you to see what's loaded quickly, without having to pull the cartridges out.

Where to Purchase the Jukebox

The Cricut Jukebox is generally available at any retailer that sells the Cricut machines. It retails for around $65 to $99 for each unit. The cartridges are all sold separately.

  • You can go straight to the source and purchase a Cricut Jukebox directly from the company. The Cricut website sells the Jukebox as well as all of its other machines and a variety of cartridges.
  • Amazon offers the basic Jukebox, or you choose to get it bundled with the cables and some replacement blades.
  • Scrapbook supply stores are another option for purchasing this handy accessory. Look for local scrapbooking supply stores in your area. These stores are more likely to let you see the Jukebox in action or try it out before purchasing.

Expand Your Cricut Possibilities

The Cricut Jukebox expands the options for any Cricut machine. The convenience of switching from one cartridge to another is a time-saving bonus if you're doing several different cuts. The option to use the cartridges simultaneously greatly increases the flexibility and creativity for your die cut designs.

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