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cuttlebug storage binder

Cuttlebug storage for cutting dies and embossing folders requires a bit of creativity if you don't want to break the bank. Decide whether your storage will be portable, such as a storage binder, or whether to integrate your storage into your home scrapbook closet or shelving area. Either way, you can create Cuttlebug storage that will be pragmatic and affordable.

Commercial Cuttlebug Storage

You can purchase a premade Cuttlebug storage binder for about $20 on, Michael's or your favorite scrapbooking supply store. These binders come with only one sample page insert, so you will need to buy additional storage pages which cost about $10 each. This adds up quickly, so you may want to make your own Cuttlebug storage system.

Homemade Portable Storage

You can easily make a carrying case for Cuttlebug storage for scrapping on the go.

  1. Cut a piece of sturdy fabric that measures 13-inches by 27-inches.
  2. Sew or glue a 1/4-inch hem around all four sides of the fabric.
  3. Simply sew or glue each side of a 6-inch handle to each end of the fabric, with each side of the handle spaced about 4 inches apart. You can use shoestrings, ribbon, or fabric for these handles, making sure they are securely fastened.
  4. Cut six pieces of clear vinyl fabric 26 inches long and 12 1/2 inches wide. Stack these on the wrong side of the fabric that you are using for the outside of your case. These will be on the inside of your case when you are finished.
  5. Sew the vinyl fabric by hand or machine about 1/4 inch from the edge of your fabric along each of the longest two sides of your case.
  6. Fold your case in half and mark the middle fold with a pen. Measure 1 inch from each side of the mark and stitch along each of these two lines. This will give your case room to expand when all of the resulting vinyl envelopes are carrying supplies.
  7. Alternatively, you can sew seams down the middle of some of your pockets to divide them for smaller items before sewing them into your Cuttlebug storage case.

You now have a fabric case with 12 clear vinyl pockets to carry your Cuttlebug cutting dies and embossing folders.

Homemade Permanent Storage

For more permanent home Cuttlebug storage, buy twelve-inch square plastic crates at a discount store like WalMart or Dollar General. You can typically find them for about one dollar each. Find several legal-sized manila or colored folders and cut them and the horizontal fold, then cut them to twelve inches wide with a paper cutter. You can buy them at any office supply store, but ask friends if they have any to give you first; many people are scanning their paper documents into their home computers and throwing their paper folders away.

If you have the original packaging for your Cuttlebug items, you can cut the labels off and glue them to the tabs of your folders. Otherwise, just use a permanent marker to label them.

To save yourself more time when searching for embossing folders, emboss your dividing folders with the corresponding design that will be stored behind each. You can organize die cuts similarly by cutting a piece of paper with a die cut and glue it on the front of its corresponding storage folder. Place your finished storage crates in your scrapbook closet or area for easy access.

Using these tips, you will have so much Cuttlebug storage that you will be tempted to buy more Cuttlebug accessories to fill all the space!

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Cuttlebug Storage