Develop Scrapbook Page Photos Online

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Beginning digital scrapbookers often find themselves wondering how to develop scrapbook page photos online. Although some scrapbookers choose to share their work exclusively in online galleries, most eventually decide they want some sort of hard copy printout of their work.

How to Develop Scrapbook Page Photos Online

When you want to develop scrapbook page photos online, you have two options. You can either order copies of individual pages or purchase a complete photo book.

Individual Pages

Although it's possible to print 6x6 or 8x8 layouts from a standard inkjet printer, printing larger scrapbook projects requires either investing in an expensive large format printer or turning to an online photo developing service. Luckily, there are more companies than ever before that are willing to develop digital scrapbook pages.

Developing each scrapbook page individually can be a good option for the impatient scrapbooker. You can add pages to your album as they are completed, which is nice if you have small children at home who enjoy looking at your work in progress. Printing individual pages is also a smart plan if you haven't entirely made the transition to all digital scrapbooking. You can simply insert digital layouts into the appropriate page protectors in your album, then add layouts made from traditional scrapbook supplies where desired. If you're interested in hybrid scrapbooking, you could even embellish your printed digital layouts with a few traditional embellishments such as buttons, brads, rhinestones, or chipboard flourishes.

Bound Books

If you're an exclusively digital scrapbooker, you may want to consider waiting until you have enough pages completed to make one bound photo book. A hardcover album filled with your layouts makes for a special keepsake. Hardcover books also tend to take up less space than traditional scrapbook albums with plastic page protectors, which is an important consideration if you're worried about finding a suitable storage area for your scrapbooks.Although a photo book may seem like it costs a lot compared to ordering one or two scrapbook layouts, the actual price per page makes this a fairly economical option. Taking advantage of sales and special promotions can help you save even more money. Around the holidays, you can often find coupon codes on sites such as Retail Me Not that are good for photo book discounts. If you're planning on ordering multiple copies of your book to give as a gift to friends or family members, this is very helpful.

Printing Digital Scrapbook Layouts

LoveToKnow Scrapbooking suggests visiting the following websites to print your digital scrapbook pages:

  • Scrapping Simply offers a number of photo developing services for scrapbookers, including 12x12 prints.
  • Shutterfly doesn't offer 12x12 prints, but they do have an option for printing a 12x12 photo book.
  • Arts Cow offers a number of photo printing and photo book options, as well as many gifts you can customize by adding your digital scrapbook page images.

Ordering Tips

When you're planning to develop scrapbook page photos online, it's helpful to keep in mind some basic tips. For example:

  • Most sites offer both glossy and matte finishing options for your digital layouts. Glossy prints will have vibrant colors, but show all smudges and fingerprints. Matte finish prints will have a more understated look, but smudges and fingerprints won't be as visible.
  • Make sure your files are uploaded at the appropriate resolution for the site you are using.
  • Don't forget to factor the cost of shipping and handling into your purchasing decision.
  • If you're ordering scrapbook pages or a bound photo book as a gift, remember that processing times are generally estimates. Allow plenty of time for your order to be shipped.
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Develop Scrapbook Page Photos Online