Diaper Scrapbook Embellishments

scrapbook embellishments

Diaper scrapbook embellishments are just what you need when creating a scrapbook that celebrates baby. Whether you present a new parent with a baby-themed scrapbook or you're a parent making one that celebrates your baby's first year, baby-themed embellishments will make this book special.

About Diaper Scrapbook Embellishments

When it comes to crafting with paper, you'll probably find more accessories than you can possibly use at one time. There's no shortage of baby scrapbook embellishments, although you may have to dig a little to find specific diaper items. You'll find diaper-themed items in:

  • Stickers: These accessories are incredibly easy to use and come in several varieties. Puffed and dimensional stickers give a scrapbook a modern feel, but flat stickers are just as suitable for making an unforgettable baby book.
  • Punches: As with stickers, punches are simple to use and can add so much to a scrapbook page.

Beyond Diapers

Besides looking for embellishments featuring diapers, you may want to consider diaper accessories, too. Look for:

  • Diaper bags
  • Diaper pins
  • Changing tables

Finding Baby-Themed Embellishments

Head to your nearest craft store and you'll probably find enough scrapbook supplies to keep you pretty busy. Shopping local is good for your community, but if you want to expand your creative possibilities even further, you'll find plenty of scrapbooking retailers online. These websites offer a huge selection of scrapbook embellishments and accessories, including those exact diaper items you've been looking for:

  • Scrap Your Trip carries stickers and card stock featuring diaper bags and loose diapers, along with many other baby-themed scrapbook items.
  • My Baby Scrapbook offers diaper pin embellishments, as well as a handcrafted set featuring a diaper, bottle, rattle, pacifier and block.
  • Etsy offers a variety of diaper-theme stickers, embellishments and rubber stamps.
  • Hobby Lobby has sets of diaper pin stickers you can use to create page borders.

Creating Your Own Embellishments

If you can't find the exact diaper scrapbook embellishments you want to make your book perfect, you can easily create your own. A diaper is a simple shape to draw and cut out of cardstock. By doing it yourself, you can avoid the pink and blue pastel look if you want something non-traditional. By drawing and cutting a diaper shape, your scrapbook diaper can be hot pink, black, neon green or any other color that catches your fancy. Cut one out of patterned paper for an instant printed diaper that's sure to be different.

Making Memories

While diaper embellishments certainly help define a baby theme, you'll find so many other accessories for your scrapbook that you may have trouble deciding which to buy. From dresses to sailor suits, pink to blue and bottles to rubber duckies, have fun making memories however you decide to scrapbook. The book is sure to be treasured by you, your child or another new parent who wants to remember those first days home with baby.

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Diaper Scrapbook Embellishments