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Finding Didi glue dots USA in American stores isn't currently possible, but you have other options when it comes to these useful little adhesives.

About Glue Dots

What is the deal with glue dots? In short, these two-sided dotted adhesives make sticking paper together or attaching small embellishments quick and easy. You don't have to fool around with liquid glue or paste; just peel the dot off its backing paper and apply. You can use either flat dots or raised ones, which add a three-dimensional look to your projects.

Glue dots typically come stored on a long roll, in sets of 200 to 300. They may cost more than glue, but they're still inexpensive enough to be a great addition to your scrapbooking supply collection.

About Didi

Didi Glue Dots, like other dots, are double-sided and work for attaching small embellishments such as gemstones and sequins to paper products, whether scrapbooks, cards, invitations, party favors or place cards. They dry clear and are acid-free, so your presentation will be neat and professional.

Unable to Find Didi Glue Dots USA

Didi is one brand of glue dots that aren't currently sold in the US, so American crafters will need to seek out alternatives. However, if you just have to have the Didi brand, there are ways to get it.

Shop International

The Internet makes it convenient to find just about anything you need and to have it delivered to your door. Just because a Didi glue dots USA retailer isn't available doesn't mean you can't get them. Shop UK-based sites such as:

One drawback to shopping internationally is the shipping cost, which can be prohibitive. You'll need to decide if it's worth buying from around the world if your postage costs more than the item you're buying. To make international purchases more cost-effective, consider buying with friends. You can divide the shipping cost if a group of you finds items that you just can't find in US stores and would love to have.

Other Options

Fortunately, Didi isn't the only glue dot manufacturer in the world, so you do have other options. Your local craft stores like Michael's and A.C. Moore probably carry several different types. Glue dots are very similar across brands, so unless you must have Didi, you can find Zots, Kaisercraft and Glue Dots, which are available in several varieties, including removable, flat and made for vellum.

Being Flexible

There may be times when you can't get exactly what you want, so being flexible helps. As crafters, scrapbookers are often creative and can find alternatives when Plan A doesn't work out. Whether you choose to shop international, go in with a group to share shipping costs, or simply buy a product that you can find in the US, it helps to consider alternatives. Make the most of that innovative mind when seeking hard-to-find items!

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Didi Glue Dots USA