Digital Scrapbook Calendar Templates or Kits

A customized homemade calendar is a great way to show off your scrapbooking skills.

Digital scrapbook calendar templates or kits can help you create a customized calendar for yourself or as a gift for someone special. You can find packages to help you make traditional wall calendars, as well as year long calendars, pocket calendars, desk calendars, and perpetual calendars.

Using an Online Photo Service to Make a Calendar

Generally, the easiest way to make a personalized photo calendar is to use an online service such as Shutterfly or Snapfish. With this method, all you need to do is upload your photos and choose from one of several templates. Customization options are limited when compared to other digital scrapbooking kits, but no special technical skills are required and your professionally printed calendar will be shipped to you in about one week.

Finding Digital Scrapbook Calendar Templates or Kits Online

Digital scrapbook calendar templates or kits can generally be purchased wherever digital scrapbooking supplies are sold. The kits are designed for use with digital image editing software programs such as Adobe Photoshop Elements. LoveToKnow scrapbooking recommends the following great calendar packages:

  • Assemble Your Own Everlasting Calendar: You'll love this stylish calendar kit from Scrap Girls. Calendar grids are provided for all possible day and number configurations so you can mix and match year after year to create a variety of homemade calendars.
  • Printable Calendar Grids: These calendar grids and layouts, offered for free by Scrappin' with Liz, offer you a variety of ways to layout your calendar design and configure your perpetual calendar.

Creating Your Calendar

Once you've chosen your digital scrapbook calendar templates or kits, it's time to get started assembling your project. Here are some ideas for items you can use to personalize your calendar:

  • A collage of seasonal photos from past years
  • Family birthdays and anniversaries
  • Cute quotes from children in your family
  • Family recipes, such as grandma's traditional Thanksgiving turkey

If you only need a few copies of your calendar, printing your finished pages at home on acid-free cardstock may be the most convenient option. However, if you'd like to give copies of your customized calendar to several family members, you may want to ask your local copy shop for prices on printing and/or binding options.

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Digital Scrapbook Calendar Templates or Kits