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Digital scrapbook tutorials offer a convenient way to learn how to create attractive scrapbooking projects on your home computer.

How to Make a Simple Scrapbook Page in Adobe Photoshop Elements

If you're new to the world of digital scrapbooking, this simple tutorial will familiarize you with the basic process used to create a layout:

  1. Select "New" under the "File" menu and create a blank canvas that is the desired size of your page. If you don't have a 12x12 printer and you don't plan on ordering a copy of your layout from a printing service, 8x8 is a great size to use.
  2. Use the paint bucket tool to paint your background a solid color.
  3. Go to "Texture" under the "Filter" menu to choose a texture for your background. The "Canvas" option under the "Texturizer" menu will give you an effect similar to that of the Bazzill Basics textured cardstock using in traditional scrapbooking layouts.
  4. Use the rectangle tool to create a rectangle that is about ½ inch larger than your photo in a color that coordinates with your background.
  5. Create another rectangle that is about ¼ inch larger than your photo. Layer it on top of the first rectangle to mimic the look of a double photo mat.
  6. Open the photo you wish to include on your layout in a new window.
  7. Go to "All" under the "Select" menu to highlight your image.
  8. Go to "Edit", then "Copy."
  9. Minimize the window that contains your photo.
  10. Go to "Edit", then "Paste" to add your photo to your layout.
  11. If you wish, add a drop shadow to your photo and/or photo mat by using the Layer Styles palette. If you can't see this option on your screen, select "Layer Styles" under the "Window" menu.
  12. Use your favorite free fonts to add a quote, title, date, or journaling.
  13. Download free scrapbook clip art to use as a simple page embellishment.

Although the above instructions were written for scrapbookers using Adobe Photoshop Elements, the process is essentially the same for any type of scrapbooking software available today.

Advanced Digital Scrapbook Tutorials

After you've mastered the basic concepts used to create digital layouts, check out the following links for more digital scrapbook tutorials:

  • My Memories is an excellent resource for anyone who is committed to developing their digital scrapbooking skills. The tutorials are easy to follow and there is even a special section devoted to showing you how to create your own unique versions of beads, brads, buttons, eyelets, and other traditional scrapbooking embellishments.
  • Scrap Girls University offers a comprehensive look at digital scrapbooking and a number of creative suggestions for using the Scrap Girls line of supplies in your personal projects.
  • Cottage Arts has a section of its Web site devoted to digital scrapbook essentials. You'll find tutorials on topics such as working with downloaded fonts, using layers to create dimensional digital scrapbook pages, and creating a torn edge effect on a computer generated page for your album.

While online digital scrapbook tutorials can be a helpful way to begin learning about this fun craft, sometimes it's useful to have a more permanent reference available. Create Scrapbook Pages in Photoshop Elements, an instructional DVD by accomplished photographic artist Jane Conner-ziser, provides a series of brief video tutorials specially designed for the beginning digital scrapbooker. Her step-by-step instructions and accompanying training project files will help you learn how to work with digital versions of traditional scrapbooking embellishments such as brads, tags, stamps, and push pins while using simple image editing techniques to improve the overall quality of your photos.

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