Download Free Cursive Handwriting Fonts

Cursive handwriting is easy to mimic with free fonts.

If you'd like to download free cursive handwriting fonts, but you aren't sure where to find them, you've come to the right place.

Cursive Journaling

If you're like a lot of scrapbooking enthusiasts, you understand how journaling really personalizes a layout. However, you might not be especially fond of your own handwriting. Fortunately, cursive fonts can be a wonderful alternative to the real thing. You can print out your titles, captions and musings for use in a traditional scrapbook album, or use these fonts directly on the pages of a digital scrapbook album.

A look at the fonts listed below proves that not all cursive handwriting is the same. Even though it's a single genre, there is great variety to choose from.

Places to Download Free Cursive Handwriting Fonts

Finding a website to download free fonts is fairly easy.

Scrapbooking Fonts offers several lovely cursive handwriting fonts for your consideration, but there are many other fonts on the site that are sure to catch your eye as well. To download, simply click on the links and save the zip.file.

  • Kayleigh: This cursive font is light and airy. It's playful enough to journal on pages for girls and teens, yet there's still enough sophistication in the design to make it useful with a variety of themes.
  • Porcelain: This font is perfect for those times when you need a truly elegant cursive handwriting font. Try it with wedding and anniversary layouts.
  • Best: The style of this font lies somewhere in between Kaleigh and Porcelain. It has a certain elegance, but it lacks some of the drama of Porcelain. Still, it's a wonderful font for any layout with a romantic theme. Try it with a Valentine's Day memory page.
  • Anke Calligraphy: When you need a slightly bolder cursive font for your layouts, Anke is a good choice. The design looks a little closer to natural handwriting done with a calligraphy pen.
  • Vladmir Script: This script font has a distinctive slant and a minimum of flourishes.

Witty Living is another good site to easily download free cursive handwriting fonts. Their selections include:

  • Adorable: This is a very proper handwriting font with a slightly chiseled look.
  • Donny's Hand: This is a rather loosely connected handwriting font that would be good for all around journaling.
  • Little Days: There's something about this simple little font that lends itself quite nicely to infant and children's layouts.

Da Font

Da Font, one of the largest free font sources online, has a section of its site devoted to handwriting fonts. You'll find everything from elegant cursive script to fonts that mimic the look of a casual handwritten note.

  • Brock Script: This font is very elegant and similar in style to the Porcelain font offered at Scrapbooking Fonts.
  • Lauren Script: This is a bold, no nonsense script that is suitable for most journaling uses.
  • Rousseau Script: This font has a slightly Old-English flair to it, without going overboard. It's stylish, yet very easy to read.
  • Herman Decanus: This is a bold, yet slightly cramped looking cursive font. It would actually look good with a Halloween or Gothic-style layout.
  • Old Script: As the name implies, this script has an old-fashioned look, with lots of flourishes and straight edges.
  • Splendid Ornamenty: This font bears a resemblance to Old Script, but it's done with a lighter feminine touch.
  • Marketing Script: This is simply a cute cursive font good for nearly any style layout.
  • Adria: Sleek is perhaps the best way to describe this font.
  • Chopin Script: This font is quite stylish, with shadowy flourishes on all of the capital letters.
  • Jet Plane: Edgy and blotchy, this cursive font might best be reserved for bold titles.
  • Landliebe: This is a classic cursive font done in bold type.
  • Easy Street: Need just the right cursive font for a Mardi Gras layout? This one fills the bill.
  • Enchanted Prairie Dog: The name is a bit odd, but this font is actually very cute.
  • Monika: Sharp, bold and fast!


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Download Free Cursive Handwriting Fonts