EK Success Fastenater

EK Success Fastenater
EK Success Fastenater

The EK Success Fastenater offers a simple way to embellish scrapbook layouts.

About the EK Success Fastenater

For several years, scrapbookers have been incorporating staples into their layouts to give their pages a fun and casual vibe. The EK Success Fastenater takes this obsession with office supplies to the next level by allowing you to add decorative staples to your pages. Scrapbookers who are in a hurry to complete their layouts love the Fastenater because these embellishments are quick, inexpensive, and add a touch of style to pages without creating unnecessary bulk.

The Fastenater is available in pink and teal in both full size and mini versions. If you are looking to save some money or frequently scrapbook on the go, the mini Fastenater may be the best option. However, the full size Fastenater does allow you to place the decorative staple bars further into your scrapbook layout.

Decorative Staple Options

With the Fastenater, you can choose staples that perfectly coordinate with your layout theme. Some of the many different staple bar options available for the Fastenater include:

  • Mickey and Friends
  • Party
  • Baby
  • Christmas
  • Celebration
  • Beach

You can also choose to purchase general purpose staples in options such as:

  • Copper, silver, and brass
  • Brights
  • Pastels
  • Primary colors
  • Animal print
  • Black and white

The decorative staple bars for the Fastenater are ½ inch wide. There are 72 staples in each package. Both the full size and the mini Fastenater use the same decorative staple refill packages.

Using the Fastenater

Some of the ways you can use the EK Success Fastenater on your scrapbook layouts include:

  • Use staples to attach ribbon to your layout.
  • Staple strips of journaling to your page.
  • Staple a sheet of patterned paper to your page to make a pocket for memorabilia.
  • Staple the center of a ribbon bow.
  • Add staples to the corners of your favorite picture instead of using traditional paper photo corners.
  • Use staples with words to make a title for your scrapbook layout.
  • Replace brads with decorative staples.

Of course, the Fastenater works well for other types of craft projects too. Use the Fastenater on handmade greeting cards, altered art, party decorations, children's crafts, or home décor.

Helpful Tips for Scrapbookers

For the most part, the Fastenater is used just like a regular stapler. Insert the decorative bars of your choice, push the top down, and attach the staples to your page. However, you may want to keep in mind the following tips to ensure the best results on your scrapbook layouts:

  • Even though there are alignment marks on the side of the Fastenater, it takes some practice to make sure you're applying the staple bars to the correct spot. Spend some time experimenting on scrap paper before you try to staple directly onto your scrapbook layout.
  • Apply firm, even pressure to the handle to make sure your prongs bend correctly on the back of the paper. Standing up when you staple may help if you're having trouble with this.
  • Avoid overloading your stapler. The Fastenater is designed to hold one bar of 12 staples.
  • The Fastenater won't staple through multiple layers of cardstock, heavy corrugated paper, or chipboard. Stick to lightweight cardstock and patterned paper when using this scrapbook tool.
  • EK Success sells a special Fastenater staple bar remover that may be useful if you find yourself struggling to remove misplaced staples by hand.
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EK Success Fastenater