Farm Animal Embellishments for Scrapbooks

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Using farm animal embellishments for scrapbooks can help you create a memorable book that celebrates farm life. Whether you live on a farm or visited one as part of a vacation, these embellishments will make your scrapbook special and unique.

Download Free Farm Animal Embellishments

Types of Farm Animal Embellishments for Scrapbooks

With scrapbooking becoming more popular -- digital as well as paper books -- you'll have no trouble finding supplies for this fun craft. Besides paper, there's plenty of other accessories, from brads to eyelets to rubber stamps. When it comes to choosing farm animal embellishments, consider these animals to make your scrapbook stand out:

  • Pigs
  • Lambs
  • Goats
  • Cows
  • Horses
  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Turkeys

You may also want to consider accessories featuring these other farm items:

  • Barns
  • Silos
  • Wooden fences
  • Haystacks

Once you know what items to look for, which farm animal embellishments for scrapbooks are best? It depends a great deal on what type of scrapbooking you do. Digital scrapbooks may feature embellishments such as templates, while paper scrapbooking will rely on tried-and-true accessories such as quilling paper, stickers and stamps.

  • Paper punches: Punches in the shapes of pigs, cows and chickens will instantly give your scrapbook a farm feel. You can place them anywhere on the page, as well as using edge punches to create shapes around the borders.
  • Stickers: Flat and dimensional stickers featuring any kind of animal you can imagine are common. Look for sticker packs designed with a farm theme in mind.
  • Quilled shapes: If you know how to quill paper, you can create just about any farm animal you like with a few turns and folds. Pigs and chickens are great beginner shapes since they start with a round base.
  • Paper: Background papers featuring farm life themes and animals are easy to find. It can be tough making a decision with so many choices, so your best bet may be to first come up with a color scheme for your book.
  • Stamps: Rubber and acrylic stamps are easy to use. You can change the look of your stamped animals by using different colored inks or by coloring the images in with brush pens.

Buying Farm Animal Embellishments

If you're fortunate enough to have craft stores in your area, you can spend time browsing local shops for your supplies. Even if you have a great selection of area shops, it can be fun shopping online as well -- your options are greatly expanded and you can gain insight and inspiration from what others are doing.

These online retailers carry a huge variety of scrapbook embellishments, including those that will make your farm scrapbook a hit:

Scrapbooking Fun

Create a scrapbook that celebrates a relative's farm or your own special farm. By choosing embellishments that suit your style, your book is sure to be unique. Plenty of memories and nostalgia will be contained in a farm theme scrapbook, whether it's digital or one you can hold in your hands.

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