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Whether you are a city slicker or country born and bred, using farm scrapbook paper can bring a bit of "down home" to your layout. If you think you don't have any photos suitable for farm scrapbook paper or are just stumped for ways to incorporate farm themes supplies in your albums, consider trying one of these fresh from the farm ideas.

Types of Farm Scrapbook Paper

There are several companies that offer scrapbook paper with farm themes. Many companies also have coordinating stickers, chipboard, and other embellishments to enhance your layout and make it easier to complete. offers a nice selection of farm-themed background papers, including options with a cow print pattern, chicken wire, roosters, tractors and more. You'll also find plent of stickers and other embellishments for this theme.

It Takes Two, who is best known for their boy and girl Scout themed paper, has a farm scrapbook paper line that includes a barn, hay, and rows of corn. Their stylized images evoke memories of county fairs and the children's book Charlotte's Web by E. B. White. It Takes Two also sells paper with a variety of words such as livestock, tractor, and silo along with coordinating stickers.

Paper House Productions is well known in the scrapbook industry for their photographic style. Their double-sided paper features window panes of various farm staples on one side and a red gingham print on the other.

Where to Get Layout Ideas

Once you have found the appropriate farm scrapbook paper and embellishments, it is time to sit down and create a memorable layout. If you are struggling for original ideas, opt to scrap lift instead!

A plethora of layouts featuring traditional farm related activities such as hayrides, apple or pumpkin picking, and barnyard animals are available in online scrapbook galleries.

Not Just for Farm Layouts

Farm scrapbook paper does not have to be used for farm layouts. Many of the designs lend themselves to general country ideas such as square dancing or gardening. For example, the farm stand paper could be used as part of a recipe scrapbook that has nothing to do with farming. Instead of farming layouts, the word paper could be cropped to use the "hard work" part of the words. The term "hard work" could then be used for a variety of layouts such as discussing a first job, a successful weight loss program, or good grades in school.

Whatever way you decide to use the farm scrapbook paper, remember that preserving the memories is the purpose of your scrapbook. When you keep this in mind, future generations will enjoy looking back at the way life was "way back then".

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Farm Scrapbook Paper