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The Fiskars paper cutter line includes several different types of cutters perfect for paper crafts. These scrapbooking tools make straight cuts simple and consistent.

The Fiskars Company

Fiskars is a company based in Finland that stretches back to the 1600s. It originally served as an ironworks creating both industrial and consumer products. The Fiskars village that was once a thriving community began dwindling until production stopped completely in 1992. The company turned things around by focusing on art and design. Artisans specializing in various media moved to the village, working and creating to revive the village. Many tourists visit the Fiskars Village.

Most people now know Fiskars as a popular manufacturer of scissors and other household tools. Fiskars scissors and paper cutters are sold in many craft stores and are used by a number of scrapbookers for their craft.

About the Fiskers Paper Cutter Line

Paper cutters prove to be very useful in scrapbooking. You can easily crop photos, cut borders or create frames for your pictures. You'll find a variety of paper trimmers on the market from several different companies. Fiskars trimmers come in two main styles: personal paper trimmers with a stationary blade and rotary cutters. Both have advantages.

Personal Paper Trimmers

The personal paper cutters have a base that holds the paper and a track for the blade. You simply place the paper and slide the blade along its track to cut your straight line.

  • The sizes range from 6" to 12" depending on your needs.
  • The personal trimmers are easily portable, making them ideal to take to crops or other scrapbooking events.
  • Some models have a rail lock system so it won't pop up as you're cutting.
  • The trimmers with a vine pattern on them feature a grid that won't wear away because it is printed on the bottom of the veneer.
  • Some models feature a swing out guide which helps keep larger sheets of paper stable.
  • The triple track rail helps keep the blade straight as you make your cuts.

Rotary Trimmers

The rotary trimmers by Fiskars also have a base but use a rotary blade for cutting. Consider these advantages of this type of paper cutter:

  • The rotary blade is designed so it won't tear paper.
  • All of the rotary trimmers have a 12" cutting area.
  • The trimmer will cut up to 10 pages of 20 lb. paper at once.
  • There are decorative blades available on the rotary cutters such as wave, deckle, scoring and perforating blades.

Purchasing Information

The Fiskars personal paper trimmers typically range from about $15 to $30 depending on the exact model. The rotary cutters are more expensive, ranging from around $30 to $100 depending on the retailer and the exact model. Most replacement blades for either style are under $10 each. You'll find Fiskars paper cutters at most retailers that sell scrapbooking materials. Craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby frequently feature coupons that will help you save on the cost of the paper trimmer. In addition to these craft and scrapbooking supply stores, there are several online options when it comes to paper trimmers.

  • Fiskars: The Fiskars website sells their products directly, including the different models of paper trimmers.
  • This online retailer has a good selection of both the paper cutters and replacement blades for the units. They have different types of blades for the rotary cutters including wave, deckle and scoring blades.
  • Create for Less: This is another site that offers a decent selection of both the trimmers and the replacement blades.

Get It Straight

A Fiskars paper cutter gives you straight lines much faster and easier than a traditional pair of scissors. Whether you call it a paper cutter or a paper trimmer, you'll enjoy the efficiency it offers your scrapbooking projects.

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