Fondue Scrapbook Page


If you're having a fondue party, you might have fun creating a fondue scrapbook page to preserve your memories of the event.

What Is Fondue?

Originally from Sweden, fondue became a favorite American meal in the 1960s and 1970s. This communal dish is a great way to share a fun dining experience with friends and family.

Fondue is usually served in a raised pot with a heat source under it. The pot may contain cheese, broth, chocolate, or other sauces. To eat the fondue, you spear a piece of bread, meat, vegetable, or fruit on a long-handled fork and dip it into the sauce.

Fondue Scrapbook Page Ideas

Because this meal is so interactive, it makes a great dish for special occasions or parties. If you take lots of photos of people enjoying the fondue, you can create some fun scrapbook layouts featuring the meal.

Frame the Recipe

One fun way to make a fondue layout is to highlight your recipe. This can be a nice touch if you think you or future generations may want to recreate the event at a later time. To make this layout, print your recipe on pretty cardstock, and frame it with decorative paper. Make the recipe the centerpiece of your page, and then surround it with images of people enjoying the dish. Choose a background color that complements colors found in your photos.

Fondue Fork Border

One of the most distinctive images associated with fondue is the long-handled fork. Pictures of these forks can make great scrapbooking embellishments. Take a close-up photo of one your fondue forks, and then use your computer to isolate the image and resize it as needed. Make four copies, and create a border made out of the forks. Inside, you can feature pictures of friends and family eating fondue.

A Little Bit Cheesy

Another fun way to feature fondue in a scrapbook layout is to show off the ingredients. If you had a cheese fondue, use a cheese-themed scrapbook paper as your background or create paper cheese cubes to scatter on the page. If you dipped vegetables in broth, look for scrapbook stickers or die cuts of those veggies. Similarly, if you had a chocolate fondue, you can use a deep chocolate-toned background and scatter strawberries on the page. Be sure to include lots of photos of the fondue pot and people enjoying the dish.

The Main Course

You can also feature fondue in a layout by taking a close-up picture of the fondue pot. Enlarge the size, and cut out the image. Then make the fondue pot the centerpiece of your page layout. Surround the pot with pictures of friends enjoying the fondue. You might choose a background that complements the color of the pot or the fondue inside. Consider using borders or a mat to further enhance the fondue pot as your main image.

Chocolate Fountain

At special events, many people rent a chocolate fountain for guests to enjoy. This is a type of chocolate fondue, and it can make a fun layout. Be sure to get a photo of the fountain before guests start to eat, since fruit and other items will be presented in a pretty arrangement. Then snap lots of photos of guests dipping things in the fountain. Keep an eye out for children getting messy in the chocolate, since this can add a touch of cute humor to your pages. As you create your layout, feature series shots of people enjoying the chocolate fountain.

Whichever style of fondue scrapbook page you choose, you're sure to end up with a layout that's as fun and unique as this special meal.

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Fondue Scrapbook Page