Free Children's Fonts

Children's fonts are a convenient way to embellish your scrapbook layouts.

Free children's fonts offer a fast and easy way to add a stylish touch to your scrapbooking projects.

Free Children's Fonts Online

A variety of free children's fonts can be found across the Internet. However, LoveToKnow Scrapbooking recommends the following:

  • A Little Pot looks like a child's handwriting, but is still a very readable font to use for scrapbook journaling.
  • 101 Anuther Pictobet features toys and everyday objects attached to the letters, making it a great choice for general child-themed scrapbook projects.
  • Beyond Wonderland is a wonderful font for pages about learning to read, storytime rituals, or your child's favorite books.
  • For Kids is a dingbat font with a variety of whimsical illustrations. Print them onto cardstock circles for use as frugal scrapbook embellishments!

Fonts for Boys

If you're working on a layout for your son's scrapbook, check out the following helpful links:

  • Germs is the perfect font for scrapbooking your son's love of monsters.
  • Skidz is a font with letters that appear to be written in the middle of tire tracks - a great choice for pages about a little boy's fascination with cars and trucks!
  • Distortia is a messy, grungy font with a very masculine feel.

Fonts for Girls

Free children's fonts for girls have a light and airy feel. If you're looking for fonts that are as sweet as your little princess, LoveToKnow Scrapbooking suggests the following:

  • Flores features block letters with pretty flower accents.
  • My Lover has small hearts accenting the letters-making it a great choice for a layout about your daughters favorite things.
  • Give Me Some Sugar has swirled accents on the letters and is reminiscent of the lettering you'd seen in an old-fashioned storybook.

Additional Free Font Resources

Still looking for more free scrapbooking fonts? Try searching at one of the following sites:

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Free Children's Fonts