Free Downloads of Digital Stickers for Scrapbooks

Free Downloads of Digital Stickers for Scrapbooks

Digital scrapbooking does away with paper, glue, and other traditional scrapbooking equipment, but you can still enjoy the fun and creativity of stickers in your digital layouts. Use your favorite photo editor or digital scrapbooking program to cut out the stickers and add them to your pages. The following digital scrapbooking stickers are all free to download and use.

Digital Stickers to Download

If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips. Simply open the files and save them to your computer, and you can use them in any of your scrapbook layouts.

Using Digital Stickers

Once you've downloaded your free digital stickers, there are numerous ways to use them to embellish your scrapbook layouts.

  • Use straight, thin stickers to create borders or frames.
  • Place colored stars in a slight curve so that they overlap one another to create a shooting star pattern.
  • Add your own text to circles, tags, and other empty shapes.
  • Place a row of small hearts at the top of your page and type a letter in each one to create your page title.

Combine Digital With Traditional

Digital scrapbooks are fun to make and easy to share. They use many of the same elements, like stickers, frames, pretty fonts and more to combine traditional layout styles with the simplicity of a digital format. Like any digital scrapbook downloads, however, these stickers can always be printed out on self-adhesive paper and used just like real stickers too.

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Free Downloads of Digital Stickers for Scrapbooks