Free Graffiti Fonts

Add instant urban style with a graffiti font.

If you're looking for free graffiti fonts for your scrapbook layouts, we've found plenty for you.

What Exactly is Graffiti?

To put it simply, graffiti is a style of writing generally reserved for gang members and street artists. However, many teens are adopting it as they doodle on their notebooks.

If you're putting together scrapbook pages for a teen who loves urban style, then a graffiti font is a must have to complete the look of your layout. However, before you run to the scrapbook store to lay out cash for a CD, take a look at the free graffiti fonts we've found.

Sources for Free Graffiti Fonts

The following websites are just a small sample of places to download free fonts on the Internet. There's almost no limit to what you'll find.

If you're ready to go urban style with your scrapbooking, offers no less than 23 styles to choose from for Windows or Mac.

  • Graffpitty™: This is hard core graffiti written in all caps the way it would look if you were using a chiseled marker. Since the font can be kind of hard to read until you get used to it, it may be better for banners and headlines rather than small print journaling.
  • B-Boy™: This font looks more like it was written with a wide paint brush. The website especially recommends this font when using an outline and color fill. It's a really bold design.
  • Subway™: If you want urban style in an easily readable font, Subway is a good choice. The font uses all lower case in a look that's hip, but not too complicated.
  • Writers™: This is a tag-style font that isn't too difficult to read, so you can use it for just about anything in your layout. Writers is also available in several variations such as bold and condensed.
  • Homeboy™: This font is definitely funky, and it takes a moment of focusing before you can begin to read the letters. Once you get the hang of it, it's actually kind of cool.
  • Degrassi™: Degrassi is about as old school as it gets. This font is easily the oldest graffiti font offered on the web.
  • Graffiti Treat™: Like Degrassi, this is another old style graffiti font that is stylish, yet easily readable. There is a slight offset that gives a three dimensional effect to your banners, captions and journaling.
  • Yytrium™: This shadowed font is an ultra modern take on graffiti style. offers another great collection of free graffiti-style fonts. Your choices include:

  • Graffonti: This is a really bold design with heavy shadowing for dimension. It's another perfect font for a color fill.
  • aaaiight!: This graffiti is done in all lower case as if it was written with a bold black marker.
  • UrbanHookupz Bold: This font is the site's most popular font. It's ultra stylish with lots of flourishes.
  • Juice: This street-wise font is as simple as it's name. If you're looking for one graffiti font to do it all, this is a good choice.

Simply the Best does its best to live up to its name, offering a great collection of graffiti fonts free for the downloading. Favorites include:

  • Distortia: The font has a messy sort of look to it, but it's distinctive from other graffiti styles. It almost looks like it was scraped onto a wall using a piece of sidewalk chalk.
  • Inthacity: This is another unusual graffiti font that is truly skinny. It's a good choice for journaling, but maybe not as great for banners.
  • Bling Bling: If you've ever seen graffiti rolling by on the side of a train, then you have a good idea of what this font looks like. It's so stylish that it's almost cute.
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Free Graffiti Fonts