Free Printable Love Poems and Scrapbook Stuff

Free printable love scrapbook embellishments

Creating a romantic scrapbook layout is literally a labor of love, but it doesn't hurt to have a little help with your page design. Adding a few free printable embellishments and a love poem to showcase your photos makes it easy to put a beautiful page together in no time at all.

Print Free Romantic Poems and Embellishments

All the poems and embellishments below can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the images. Then all you have to do is crop out the items that you want and work them into your page layout. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Free Love Poems

The following love poems are all included in the free printable. As you read them, see if one feels right for the layout you plan to create.

Deeper Than the Bluest Sea

The love that surrounds you and me,
Is deeper than the bluest sea,
Warmer than the brightest sun,
And there to shine for everyone.

The Perfect Fit


When I think of you and me,
I know that we were meant to be.
There's no one else the whole world through
That's a more perfect fit for me, than you.

The Day I Met You

The day I met you,
I found my other half.
Together we'll walk,
Along life's winding path.

When the path grows rough,
And we stumble and fall,
I'll cling to you, dear,
Because love triumphs over all.

No Other Heart

No other heart could ever inspire
So much love, and so much desire.

No other heart could beat tandem with mine.
Or light up the darkness and make it shine.

No other heart could ever be as true,
I don't say it enough, but I truly love you.

Creative Ideas for Your Layouts

With the above poems and embellishments, you can make an array of creative layouts.

Matching Poems to Themes

If you need a little more inspiration, consider pairing one of the poems with a matching design theme.

  • Use the Deeper Than the Bluest Sea poem with a layout that features romantic shots taken while spending time at the ocean.
  • The Perfect Fit would go well with a layout that includes a photo of you and your partner cropped to create two puzzle pieces that fit together.
  • The Day I Met You would work wonderfully with photos taken while on a walk in the woods.
  • Break up the three couplets in No Other Heart, and space them throughout a heart theme design.

Embellishment Ideas

There's also a lot you can do with the romantic embellishments, including the following suggestions.

  • Print the embellishments on light to medium-weight cardstock to make cut-outs or print them on sticker paper.
  • Aim Cupid and his arrow at a photo of you and your partner in the earliest days of your relationship to commemorate falling love.
  • Layer a short, meaningful phrase from one of the poems over one of the tags.
  • Attach heart borders to the edges of the page and use them to create coordinating frames for your photos or poems.
  • Place small hearts in clusters of three or five anywhere you feel there's extra space that needs to be filled.

Mix, Match, and Create

There are myriad possibilities for your romantic page layout. Take time to play around with the arrangement of your photos and embellishments until you find a page design you love almost as much as you love your partner.

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Free Printable Love Poems and Scrapbook Stuff