Free Scrapbook Clip Art

cutting out scrapbooking materials

If you're a crafter on a tight budget, free clip art for your scrapbook offers an economical way to embellish your layouts. Whether you're scrapbooking memories from your last beach vacation or working on your son's baby book, it's easy to find free graphics that fit your needs.

Print Free Clip Art

Print the clip art below and use it to create unique pages in your scrapbook. Ribbons, banners, and bows make excellent additions to virtually any page, while themed graphics for birthdays, celebrations, and special occasions will jazz up a basic layout. To use the clip art, simply click on the photo or description below. A .pdf will open in another window or tab, depending on your computer's settings. Print the clip art on cardstock or white scrapbooking paper using your highest quality setting for best results. Once the ink has dried, cut the images to use in your scrapbook.

Scrapbook Within Your Budget

Purchasing materials for use when scrapbooking can get expensive. Make use of the free clip art above, along with free scrapbook templates and free cutouts, to help keep your scrapbook looking great while making sure your budget stays in check.

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Free Scrapbook Clip Art