Creative Scrapbooking Projects for Everyday

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These fun general scrapbooking projects prove you don't need a special occasion to create an amazing scrapbook layout. You don't have to be an expert either; these projects are perfect for any level of scrapbooker - from beginner to advanced.

Scrapbook the Seasons

Seasonal scrapbook projects are great if you want to make something not related to a certain holiday or event. It's easy to sort your photos by season, giving you lots of options for wonderful layouts and albums. Try these projects to get started:

Summer Days Layouts

Collection of instant travel holiday photos in a scrapbook

Use phrases and quotes to add emotional depth to your beautiful summer scrapbook. From beach days to summer vacation, there are lots of ways to create a gorgeous summer layout or entire scrapbook.

Winter Scrapbook Designs

Rear view of family with two small children in winter nature, walking in the snow

Winter scrapbook layouts can be a great way to pass the time on those cold or snowy days. After the big moments of the holidays have passed, celebrate the everyday memories of playing in the snow, sipping hot chocolate, or snuggling by the fire.

Fall Scrapbook Ideas

Fall Scrapbook Paper
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If you want to create a scrapbook about autumn, use fall scrapbook paper to add rich colors and a fall theme to your designs. Layouts don't have to center around holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving; instead, focus on ordinary activities like walks in the woods and raking leaves.

Spring Layouts and Albums

Close-Up Of Colorful Artificial Flowers On Gray Background

You can make a spring scrapbook with floral paper and embellishments like flowers. This can be a special place to keep memories like kids playing in the mud or planting the garden.

Scrapbook Your Love of Family

Family makes a great scrapbooking inspiration; after all, it's the reason many scrappers love the hobby. You don't have to wait for birthday parties and weddings to celebrate your love of family. Any ordinary day will do with these family-themed general scrapbooking ideas:

Childhood Memories

Woman holding baby picture for scrapbook

Scrapbook your childhood memories or the moments you want your kids to remember. These don't have to be big things; they can be everyday events like kids playing in the back yard or visiting with grandparents.

Your Family Tree

Hands of senior couple holding old photographies of themselves

If you love genealogy and family history, make a scrapbook of your family tree. You can include photos of parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and more.

Everyday Memories With Friends and Family

Scrapbook of dog amidst craft utilities on table

Celebrate friends and family with layouts designed to show your special relationships. From picnics to playing sports, your album can include the ordinary moments that make life special.

Help Preserve Senior Memories

Senior woman sitting on park bench with granddaughter, looking at old photograph album

If you have a loved one who has lived a long and eventful life, you can create a memory book to help them relive it. Learn what to include in a scrapbook for the elderly, including photos, memories, mementos, and more.

Get Creative With General Projects

You can also get creative with materials and themes to make a scrapbook anytime you're in the mood. From entire scrapbooks made of paper bags to specific projects featuring greeting cards and other items, there's no shortage of great ideas.

Make a Scrapbook Cover

handmade creating a scrapbook's cover

You don't have to settle for the ready-made cover on an album you buy from the store. Make your own scrapbook cover to reflect the unique contents of the album you are creating.

Make a Scrapbook From a Paper Bag

Paper bag, pencil, notebook and envelope

If you want to save money and create something unique, you can make a scrapbook from a paper bag. This is a fun everyday project to do with kids or simply on your own.

Create a Scrapbook of Greeting Cards

Grandmother and child look at birthday cards

Photos are part of scrapbooking, but they aren't the only part. This hobby is also a great way to save those beautiful and meaningful cards you receive all year. Make a greeting card scrapbook to preserve your special correspondence.

Keep It Simple

Still life with shells, feathers, buttons and plants on vintage book.

Your scrapbook layouts don't have to be complicated or fancy. Learn how to make simple layouts that will show off the beauty of your photos and memories.

Make a Mini Scrapbook

Woman creating a small scrapbook

Sometimes, the little moments in life call for little albums. Instead of a big 12x12 album, create a smaller scrapbook using 8x8 layouts. Learn how to show off your moments in this smaller format.

Life Is Full of Everyday Moments

Life has lots of holidays and special events, but it's also full of everyday moments. Some of the best scrapbooking projects capture those ordinary activities and events and help you create something beautiful to preserve your memories.

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Creative Scrapbooking Projects for Everyday