Giant Paper Punch Flowers

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Giant paper punch flowers are year-round favorites for scrappers. With very little effort, the large paper blossoms can add variety, originality, depth and dimension to your scrapbook pages.

About Giant Paper Flower Punches

Paper flowers are very simple to make, thanks to the punch tool. The flower punch is a basic tool that can be used by any scrapper, but it is especially ideal for beginners. In addition, large paper punches are excellent tools for scrappers with arthritis or those with impaired vision.

Large paper flower punches come in a variety of sizes, ranging from one and a half inches to two and a half inches. The versatile tool stands upright for easy access and storage. In addition, because of its extra-large shape, the tool is a cinch to use. A press of the thumb produces crisp flower shapes every time. The tool is gentle on your hands and can be used on a variety of materials, including:

  • Colorful scrapbook paper
  • Cardstock
  • Large ribbon
  • Construction paper
  • Adhesive backed labels

Standard vs. Deluxe

Standard large flower punches create giant one-dimensional paper blossoms for use on homemade cards, scrapbook pages and other crafts. However, you can also purchase tools that make deluxe giant paper punch flowers. Some deluxe punches create embossed pop-up two-inch blooms and have special alignment marks on the outer edge to aid in proper punch position.Both standard and deluxe paper flower punches have durable plastic exteriors and come in a rainbow of colors, from hot pink to demure green. In addition, most feature a bottom that has an easy-to-remove clear plate which slides back and forth. The little chamber stores each paper flower you punch.

Uses for Giant Paper Punch Flowers

The popularity of paper blossoms has grown exponentially since flower shaped paper punch tools entered the market. There is a virtual garden of different flowers you can make with paper punch tools, from daisies and tulips to poinsettias and petunias. You can also purchase punches that feature individual parts of a flower in one punch. The parts of the flower get punched and then assembled. This type of punch is great for experienced scrappers, who can use the various shapes to make different flowers.

Once you make a garden of giant paper punch flowers, you can use them to embellish your scrapbook pages in a variety ways, including:

  • Make a flower borders for spring and summer themed pages
  • Add giant paper punch poinsettias to a winter or holiday themed page
  • Create a lei of paper flowers to add to a summer, cruise, Hawaii vacation, or luau themed page
  • Embellish Mother's Day or First Communion scrapbook pages with rows of paper punch flowers
  • Gather giant paper punch flowers to form a bouquet and add them to wedding scrapbooks
  • Add large paper punch flowers to photos of girls, so it appears as though the child is wearing the blossom in her hair

Advanced scrappers can also use large paper punch flowers to create multi-dimensional blooms. This can be done by punching out several giant paper flowers and stacking them on top of each other at different angles so it appears as though the blossom has a series of petals. You can also layer cutout snowflakes or starbursts in between the layers of blossoms to create a unique flower that really makes your scrapbook page pop.

Where to Buy Giant Paper Flower Punches

Giant paper flower punches are readily available at scrapbook stores and other craft shops and typically sell for $20 or less. In addition, you can purchase them online at the following retailers:

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