7 Steps to Create a Great Scrapbooking Room

Scrapbook craft room
Scrapbook craft room of Jina Jean

For many women, the allure of a scrapbook craft room is having a special place to call their own. After a day spent juggling the demands of work and an active family life, a craft room provides a much needed sanctuary.

Setting Up a Great Scrapbook Craft Room

Designing the perfect space for your scrapbooking needs will be easier if you break the process down into seven key steps.

1. Get Organized

The key to any great scrapbook craft room is organization. If you can't find your supplies, even a lavishly designed workplace will be insufficient. Before you begin any plans for your craft room, take an inventory of your supplies and try to anticipate your storage needs.

2. Choose a Work Surface

Unless you prefer to sit on the floor, you're going to need a desk or table to provide a work surface for your scrapbook room. A simple large table will do, but a specialty scrapbook desk would be even better. Try one of these options:

  • The ScrapBox EZ View Desk 2.0 is designed specifically for scrapbookers, with plenty of side storage compartments and a clear top that lets you instantly see small items like buttons, brads, and chipboard letters.
  • If your work space will be tucked in a corner, Martha Stewart makes a corner desk with ample storage space and five different finish options so it perfectly coordinates with the rest of your room decor.

3. Keep Frequently Used Supplies Visible

Scrapbook supplies
Scrapbook supplies

There's no doubt that scrapbook supplies are pretty to look at, so why not opt for storage options that allow you to make the most of your collection? There are plenty of simple ways to display your supplies:

  • Place buttons in pretty clear jars. Mason jars work especially well for this purpose.
  • Stack spools of ribbon on an old paper towel holder.
  • Store colorful cardstock in vertical paper holders. Decoupage the holders with scraps of your favorite papers for a personal touch.
  • Stash frequently used tools, such as scissors and a black journaling pen, in an attractive container on your desk.
  • Wicker baskets are a popular and affordable scrapbooking storage solution to hold small items. You can find nice baskets for just a few dollars at local thrift stores and at discount craft suppliers.

4. Create Closed Storage

Although having frequently used supplies readily available will enhance your creativity, having to constantly look at everything you own will get overwhelming. An armoire with doors that close, such as the Sauder Craft Armoire, is the ideal solution for storing paper, die cutting machines, and other bulky supplies. This armoire also offers the option of a second pull out work surface, which is perfect for scrapbookers who often have their friends or children joining them for a cropping session.

If you don't have room for a separate armoire, choose storage containers that make a decorative statement instead of simply stashing everything in boring plastic boxes. For example:

  • A collection of vintage suitcases lends a funky vibe to your scrapbook workspace.
  • Keep supplies on a rolling cart covered with a simple fabric skirt that keeps clutter hidden from view.
Inspiration board by Cindy Krikawa
Inspiration board by Cindy Krikawa

5. Make an Inspiration Board

Graphic designers, photographers, and other creative professionals often have "inspiration boards" in their offices to help them come up with ideas for projects. This same concept can easily be applied when designing your scrapbooking space. Purchase a large bulletin board to display photos, memorabilia, journaling notes, magazine clippings, quotes, color combinations, and small embellishments you plan to use in future layouts.

If you want to make more of a decorative statement with your inspiration board, try covering a plain bulletin board with fabric that matches the color scheme in your workspace. Simply glue or pin the fabric to the board and start adding inspirational items.

6. Show Off Your Work

Instead of buying artwork for your scrapbook room, consider displaying some of your favorite layouts. Start by purchasing 12x12 frames, which are available at most major craft stores or scrapbooking supply retailers. Then, create a row of framed layouts to make a dramatic statement in your room.

Scrapbook pages wall art by Nicole Maki
Scrapbook pages wall art by Nicole Maki

7. Personalize Your Space

Aside from providing a place to store all of your cardstock, patterned paper, and embellishments, great scrapbook craft rooms should inspire you to express your creativity. Don't forget to paint the walls a fun color, add curtains in a pretty fabric, and choose accents that showcase your crafty side. For example, an altered clock decorated with family photos and your favorite scrapbook supplies is both pretty and practical.

Working With a Smaller Space

If you're not lucky enough to have an entire room to dedicate to scrapbooking, keep in mind that many of these tips can work in a smaller space as well. For example, you can transform a corner of the laundry room into a private workspace. Another option is to use an extra closet for craft supply storage. With a bit of planning and a little organization, even the smallest spaces can become functional areas to create beautiful scrapbooking projects.

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7 Steps to Create a Great Scrapbooking Room