Hawaiian Theme Scrapbook

Hawaiian Hula Dancer Postcard

Are you looking for ideas and supplies for a Hawaiian theme scrapbook? Capture the magic of your Hawaiian vacation in your scrapbook with the right supplies and creative ideas.

Hawaiian Theme Scrapbook Ideas

Consider the following ideas to shape your Hawaiian theme scrapbook:

  • Use postcards of Hawaiian scenes as decorative elements to mix with your photos. A postcard can add beauty to a layout as part of a photo frame or as a separate embellishment.
  • Add souvenirs, such as a page from a hotel notepad, a lei, a pressed flower or a shell from the beach, to your album layout.
  • Write Hawaiian words on pages to add to the island feel.

Hawaiian Words for Scrapbooking

Add Hawaiian words to your scrapbook to recreate the vacation atmosphere. Visit sites like Aloha Friends, which has a comprehensive list of Hawaiian words and phrases with English translations as well as a pronunciation guide.

Here are some Hawaiian words and translations appropriate for a scrapbook project:

  • Lapule - Sunday
  • Po'akahi - Monday
  • Po'alua - Tuesday
  • Po'akolu - Wednesday
  • Po'aha - Thursday
  • Po'alima - Friday -
  • Po 'aono - Saturday
  • Anenue - Rainbow
  • `Aina - Land
  • Mahina - Moon
  • Moku - Island
  • Moana - Ocean
  • Palama - Palm tree
  • Wa`a - Canoe
  • 'Aha'aina Male - Wedding feast/celebration
  • Male 'ana - Wedding
  • Male Ana E Pili Mai Aloha Kaua - We two will cling to love in marriage
  • Ke Aloha - Beloved
  • Ku`u Lei - My beloved
  • Mau Loa - Forever
  • Pilialoha - To be in a bond of love
  • Nani - Beautiful or enjoyable
  • Kamali'I - Children
  • Mokulele - Airplane
  • Niu - Coconut
  • Pulelehua - Butterfly

Scrapbooking Specialty Stores

Consider ordering scrapbook supplies from a Hawaiian or tropical theme scrapbooking specialty store. Specialty stores generally have a larger selection of supplies and embellishments in their area of expertise. The benefit of shopping at a specialty store is that you will be able to find rare Hawaii theme decorative elements and supplies that may not be widely available.

The Island Paperie store is located in Hawaii and also has a website with a selection of 1,000 Hawaiian theme scrapbook supplies and decorative elements. You can also stop by the store while on vacation and get a first-hand look at their large collection of Hawaii scrapbooking supplies.

Examples of the Island Paperie's scrapbook supplies include:

  • Red hibiscus scrapbook album
  • Hula girl scrapbook album
  • Wild flower origami paper
  • Tropical flower stickers
  • Beach house graphics
  • Happy hour Hawaii stickers
  • Bird of Paradise laser cut images
  • Aloha word and palm tree laser cut image
  • Fire dancer laser cut image
  • Dolphin laser cut image
  • Gecko laser border
  • Island life rubber stamp collection with luau tikis and palm trees
  • Hawaiian islands stencils
  • Hula girl stencil
  • Retro honu stencil

Scrapbook.com's Hawaii section has many items that would serve well for a Hawaiian-theme page. Here are some examples:

  • Die cuts, including tropical plants, hula girls, and a Waikiki shoreline
  • Hawaii clear stamp set
  • Hawaii-theme background papers
  • 3-D stickers

Preserve the Memories

A Hawaiian theme scrapbook can be an enjoyable way to relive your special vacation. Take some time to put together a scrapbook that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come.

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