Hosting a Home Scrapbook Party

Scrapbook Party

Hosting a home scrapbook party gives you the best of both worlds: the relaxed atmosphere of your own place and the company of like minded scrapbookers. If you think a party will be too much work, time or expense, think again. With a few simple suggestions and a bit of ingenuity, you will be the hostess diva in no time!

Party Considerations

Most important is to ensure you have enough space to hold a party. Since scrapbookers are notorious for needing a lot of room to spread out their supplies, plan for at least three to four feet of table space per person. Since a typical dining room table will only comfortably hold up to four people, consider the other areas of your house. Does your house have an open floor plan where tables set up in a living room and dining room are basically in the same room? If your home is not conducive to larger groups, opt to host a small intimate gathering instead with just two or three others. As any scrapbooker can tell you, it isn't the quantity of friends but the quality of the ones you have that make the best memories.

Once you have confirmed the number of people you can invite based on the amount of space you have, determine what type of party to want to host. Will be a standard crop where each person works on their own scrapbooks? Do you want to plan a more organized party where you all work on the same theme such as Christmas layouts or summer vacations? Depending on the amount of time you have to plan and the number of people attending, you may even want to schedule a demonstrator from a company such as Creative Memories or Stampin Up! to teach a craft technique.

Hosting a Home Scrapbook Party

Now that you have decided on the number of people to invite and the theme of the party, it is time to send invitations. This does not need to be a formal invitation; an email, e-vite, or phone call is sufficient. Just be sure to let each person know if specific supplies are needed. Often the hostess will provide non-consumable supplies such as scissors, paper trimmers, and die cut machines like Sizzix or Cricut. The guests will be responsible for bringing their own adhesive, card stock and embellishments. If you are planning a theme party, however, it is a nice touch to include some theme related patterned paper or embellishments for each person. Pick up several like items on sale at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels to cut down on the expense.

Plan for the party to last at least three hours to truly complete scrapbook layouts, which after all is the main reason for hosting a home scrapbook party. Keep the food to a minimum so as not to interfere with the creativity. Also, food tends to get spilled on layouts in progress which will definitely put a damper on the party. Easy finger foods that are not too greasy work best. Opt for veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, and small sandwiches instead of a full fledged meal. To prevent accidents, set up a side table or small table in an area slightly apart from the festivities such as between the dining room and living room or in the kitchen. This encourages your guests to get up and stretch their legs every so often. It also gives them time to view everyone's work.

Final Suggestions

Regardless of the theme you choose or the number of people you invite, remember that the main purpose of any scrapbooking party is to enjoy the time spent with your friends. Maybe the next layout you complete will be about hosting your first scrapbook party!

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Hosting a Home Scrapbook Party