How Do I Use Raw Chipboards in Scrapbooking

Use acrylic paint to quickly customize raw chipboard shapes to the correct colors for your layout.

Are you wondering, "How do I use raw chipboards in scrapbooking?" LoveToKnow Scrapbooking is here to explain the basics of this fun way to embellish your layouts.

Working with Raw Chipboard

If you find yourself wondering if raw chipboard is a good addition to your scrapbook supply stash, consider the following:

  • Raw chipboard is usually a bit cheaper than chipboard that is already decorated for you.
  • You'll have fewer supplies to store when working with raw chipboard, since you won't have embellishments on hand "just in case" they happen to match your project.
  • Customized raw chipboard makes your scrapbook truly unique. Your creative embellishments will be the envy of all your scrapbooking friends!

Where to Buy Raw Chipboard

Raw chipboard can generally be purchased wherever scrapbooking supplies are sold. If you're having trouble finding raw chipboards at your local craft or scrapbooking store, however, consider shopping online from one of the following Web sites:

How Do I Use Raw Chipboards in Scrapbooking?

Raw chipboard can be customized to suit whatever look best matches your layout.

Cover It with Patterned Paper

Covering raw chipboard with patterned paper is a great way to use up scraps from previous layouts while adding a touch of style to your project. Simply cut a piece of paper one or two centimeters larger than your shape, then adhere with double sided tape. For a distressed look, lightly sand the edges with an old emery board.

Paint It

Painting raw chipboard is very easy. Simply grab a foam paintbrush and a bottle of acrylic craft paint and paint your chipboard a color that coordinates with your scrapbooking project. If you're feeling exceptionally creative, you can even add dots, swirls, or other small designs to your background. Just remember to let your embellishments dry completely before you try to adhere them to your layout!

Stamp It

Even if you don't normally include a lot of rubber stamping in your scrapbooks, it's not hard to use stamping techniques with raw chipboards in scrapbooking. It only takes a few seconds to use a dye based ink pad to stamp a pretty design onto your chipboard. If you use pigment ink with your stamps, however, this gives you the option of embossing your images to create a raised effect.

Make It Shine

If you love the look of shiny epoxy scrapbook stickers, try coating your chipboard with a layer of Diamond Glaze or a similar top coat. These products dry to a clear, glass-like finish that can be a nice addition to any scrapbook layout.

Stitch It

Sewing adds a warm, homespun look to your scrapbooking projects. Although the technique does take a bit of practice, you can add small stitches to raw chipboard embellishments using a paper piecer and embroidery floss. This blog from Willow & Paisley can show you how.

Combine with Other Scrapbook Embellishments

To enhance raw chipboard, try looking through the other embellishments in your supply stash. Add stickers or rubons that match the theme of your layout. Tie tiny ribbon bows around the letters in your little, dangle a charm from a chipboard frame, or accent a large geometric shape with a cluster of buttons.

Altering Pre-made Chipboard Embellishments

Once you've answered the question "How do I use raw chipboards in scrapbooking?" you may find yourself wondering if these techniques can be used to customize the pre-made chipboard embellishments you may already own. If your chipboard shapes have an unfinished back side, any of these techniques will work. If not, you'll need to use a craft knife to carefully peel off the top layer of the chipboard before proceeding with your project.

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How Do I Use Raw Chipboards in Scrapbooking