How to Make Cricut Paper Dolls

Paper dolls

The answer to how to make Cricut paper dolls lies in the versatility of the cartridges available for the Cricut. Adding "The Paper Doll Dress Up" cartridge to your Cricut collection will allow you to create adorable paper dolls with changeable hair, clothes and accessories.

How to Make Cricut Paper Dolls - What You Will Need

The Cricut's interchangeable cartridges are the secret to adorable paper dolls. "The Paper Doll Dress Up", cartridge 29-0412, contains paper doll bases and the patterns for accessories.

The obvious ingredient, paper, is the first step for making Cricut paper dolls. Select a heavy, durable cardstock for your paper doll base. This cardstock comes in all colors, including flesh tones.

Also, use cardstock for your environments and smaller props which have a lot of detail - this will prevent them from bending and breaking or tearing easily. Paper for hairstyles and accessories can be lighter. Scrapbooking paper in patterns makes excellent paper doll clothing.

Getting Started

The first step in learning how to make Cricut paper dolls is deciding what size your paper dolls should be. All Cricut paper dolls are initially set to a standard size. If you would like to create a doll in a different size, make sure you are using the right size of paper and mat, then select the Real Dial Size option. Select your Key Figure - the doll base - and set the size. You can then set your Real Dial Size to size the paper dolls; all of the items in this session will be printed to scale in the same size as the Key Figure. You may want to write the size down or even mark it on the back of your doll bodies, since all of the accessories you print in the future will need to be scaled to the Real Dial Size.

Align the heavy cardstock onto the Cricut's sticky mat - use painters or electrical tape to steady it if necessary - and load into the Cricut to prepare for printing. Make sure you change your Cricut's settings to reflect the size and thickness of the paper you are using to get the best possible cut. Press the cut button to begin cutting out your paper dolls.

If you have used the Real Dial Size option, you can reload the Cricut without repeating the size process. This allows you to print accessories for your paper dolls in varying papers. Remember to change the paper size and thickness for any new sheets.

After You Have Cut

After your paper dolls have been cut, it is time to decorate them. The Cricut cartridge offers a number of doll accessories such as hair, clothing, pets and settings. These can all be used to create gorgeous paper dolls. The Cricut puts a basic face on most paper dolls except for the creative "blackout" style doll body. If you have used this body, use felt tipped markers to draw a face or to add accents, such as freckles, to another style of body. You can layer designs and accessories to create elaborate designs. Finish with glitter or stick on gemstones for great paper dollls.

Ideas For Using Cricut Paper Dolls

The paper doll Cricut cartridge is incredibly versatile and contains hundreds of accessories. These are perfect for creating themed and personalized paper dolls.

Holiday Ideas

Try creating holiday themed Cricut paper dolls for holiday cards or scrapbook layouts. Add Easter bunny ears to your paper dolls for spring themed pages or try a Santa paper doll for a Christmas layout. The Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge also contains Halloween costumes for your paper dolls -- try using these spooky options for your Halloween layouts.

Seasonal Ideas

There are paper doll dress up options for every season on this cartridge. Create some hats and scarves to dress your doll up for winter scrapbooking layouts, or create a bikini-clad version for beach and summer themed scrapbook layouts.

Personalized Ideas

Try putting together an even more personalized paper doll -- create dolls that look like your loved ones or children for personal scrapbooks. This idea works well for many special occasion themed cards or scrapbooks, such as memory books or wedding albums; for example, create a personalized bride and groom for use in a scrapbook layout or as a part of a card, shower or reception invitation, or favor.

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