How to Make Large Paper Storage Boxes

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If you're wondering how to organize your craft room while still leaving yourself enough cash to buy supplies for your next project, you may be looking for tips on how to make large paper storage boxes. Luckily, creating storage containers for your scrapbook paper isn't as difficult as you might expect.

Getting Organized

Paper is a scrapbooker's best friend. Cardstock and patterned paper are used for matting photos or making page backgrounds. Vellum, mulberry paper, and handmade specialty papers are used to embellish layouts. Unfortunately, storing all of this paper can be problematic. Scrapbook supply manufacturers have attempted to come up with various commercial solutions, ranging from plastic bins to specialty shelving units. The price of these items, however, leaves many crafters in search of a more frugal option.

How to Make Large Paper Storage Boxes

To learn how to make large paper storage boxes, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a box for your project. The box needs to be 12 1/2 or 13 inches wide if you want to store 12x12 paper. If you want to store 8 1/2 x 11 paper or issues of your favorite scrapbook magazines, the box should be about 9 inches wide. Strut boxes from your local auto mechanic or priority mail boxes from the post office will work well for this project, but you can use whatever type of cardboard container you have available. Do not try to use cereal boxes, however. The cardboard used to make these types of boxes is too flimsy to withstand the weight of your scrapbook paper collection.
  2. Use packing tape to reinforce the end flaps of the box.
  3. Measure 5 inches from each corner and make a small mark with pen. Draw a diagonal line with your ruler. Repeat on the opposite side of the box.
  4. Use a drinking glass to make a curved line 1 1/4 inches from each end of the diagonal line
  5. Turn the box a quarter turn and draw a straight horizontal line 6 1/4 inches from the bottom. Repeat on the opposite side of the box.
  6. Cut your diagonal lines from corner to corner with an Exacto knife, then trim the curved line. Cut the horizontal lines.
  7. Stand the box up and tape down any exposed flaps in the bottom.
  8. Trim off the rough edges of the cardboard using scissors or an Exacto knife.

Decorating Your Boxes

Learning how to make large paper storage boxes is not difficult, but the finished boxes are definitely not as attractive as purchased plastic containers. If you plan to store your boxes in an open area within your craft room, you may want to embellish them to look like pretty decorative containers purchased from an expensive specialty shop. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Spray paint the boxes a solid color to match your craft room décor. Add rub-ons or stickers if desired.
  • Cover them with a pretty patterned fabric.
  • Decoupage them with paper scraps and copies of your favorite family photos.
  • Add metal label holders and labels printed in a fun font.
  • Tie ribbon bows around each holder or add flowers for a feminine flair.

If you want to group sheets of patterned paper together to make coordinating page kits, purchase file folders or large plastic storage bags to keep these items separated within your paper storage boxes.

Embellishment Storage

Once you've created all your paper storage boxes, you may want to work on developing a solution for organizing your scrapbook embellishments. Craft Zine has a tutorial for turning a box with a flap-style lid into a pretty decorative container for ribbon, buttons, or other small scrapbook accents.

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