How to Scrapbook with Crochet Flowers

Crochet flowers

Learning how to scrapbook with crochet flowers is a good way to add a homemade touch to an album. If you love crocheting and scrapbooking, crochet flowers let you merge two hobbies into one.

About Crochet Flowers for Scrapbooking

Crochet flowers are becoming more popular as an alternative to paper embellishments. Fabric embellishments were already gaining popularity to create artistic layouts. Yet, many ready-made fabric decorations are expensive. The crochet flower achieves the same homemade artistic look, but is a more economical solution for people who crochet their own flowers. In fact, if you want to save money on scrapbook embellishments, consider using crochet flowers of various size and colors instead of purchasing a lot of extras.

How to Scrapbook with Crochet Flowers

There is no right or wrong way to add crochet flowers to a scrapbook. However, a few basic tips can help your crochet flower scrapbook project go smoother.

Choosing Flower Shapes

Will any crochet flower do? It really depends upon the planned scrapbook layout. Flowers with open centers, like the basic star flower, work well if you plan to add photos or other decorative elements to the center when fastened to the page. Flowers with solid centers, like the 3-in-1 pattern, work well in small sizes around borders or in medium sizes to frame a photo.

Use your imagination to create different flower shapes. Use colorful yarns and add decorative accents. Use a pattern from Crochet Pattern Central, such as the cute and simple flower pattern, to create crochet flowers.

Page Designs

There are numerous ways to decorate a scrapbook page with crochet flowers. Here are some scrapbook page design ideas:

  • Divide a page in half with a line of small crochet flowers of various colors and shapes.
  • Frame a photo with small crochet flowers.
  • Make decorative shapes, such as a heart, with small crochet flowers.
  • Fan crochet flowers of various colors throughout the page as a background.
  • Place a large crochet flower on the center of the page, and add a photo to the middle of it.
  • Decorate an album cover with crochet flowers in the main design.

Dressing Up Crochet Flowers

When you create crochet flowers, you can add decorative accents, such as sequins, beads or colorful buttons. Connecting flowers of different colors and designs can also jazz up the flower presentation on the page.

Attaching Crochet Flowers

Carefully glue crochet flowers to pages, using glue dots. Some people skip glue and use pipe cleaners or metal brads to fasten the flower to the page. This works well if you are using fabric sheets in your scrapbook. Experiment with the attachment method that works best for you.

Finding Crochet Flower Patterns

The Internet has many free crochet flower patterns for crafters of all skill levels. Here are some crochet flower patterns that are suitable for scrapbooking:

  • Scrapbook: This simple crochet flower pattern also comes with illustrated instructions.
  • Witty Living: Witty Living has instructions for a crochet and paper star flower.
  • Scrap Jazz: Scrap Jazz has instructions and a sample layout for crocheting flowers and borders for a layout.
  • Crochet Pattern Central: Crochet Pattern Central has numerous free patterns for crochet flowers for all skill levels.
  • Chez Crochet: The Chez Crochet site has a number of simple crochet flower patterns.

Consider using crochet flowers as scrapbook embellishments if you like handmade album styles. It can be an enjoyable and economic way to add beauty to your scrapbook.

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