Hunting Scrapbook Ideas

Hunter posing with wild turkey

Hunting scrapbook ideas make it easier to plan your scrapbook. There is a large selection of hunting and outdoor theme design elements and layout ideas in craft stores and on the Internet.

Hunting Scrapbook Planning

Before you buy supplies and sit down to work on the album, you should plan the scrapbook. Planning will save you money because you only buy what you need for each page. Plans also save time because when you will know exactly how to create your page each time you sit down to work.

Here are the most important planning elements:

  • Budget: Your scrapbook budget will determine the amount of supplies and design elements purchased.
  • Number of photos: Determine how many photos that you plan to include in the album.
  • Traditional or digital album: Do you want a digital or traditional album? If you want a digital album, make sure that you have the necessary hardware and software.
  • Necessary supplies: Get a rough idea of each album page before you get your supplies. Planning your page will allow you to figure out how many stickers, frames or stamps you want to include. This will help you decide if you want to invest in any supplies that are useful for multiple projects such as stamps, photo cutters or special scissors.

The hunting theme will allow you to use many different supplies that are geared toward other outdoor sports and nature themes. This will allow you to invest in multiple purpose supplies such as leaf-shaped stencils, animal footprints stamps or camping sticker sets. In this way, planning helps you get the most out of your money.

Hunting Design Elements

You can find many different hunting theme design elements. You can find paper, stickers, stamps, frames, clip art and digital postmarks in the following designs:

  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Bears
  • Small game animals such as rabbits, bobcats, skunks and woodchucks
  • Birds such as wild turkey, waterfowl, grouse and prairie chicken
  • Fish such as bass, catfish, pike and trout
  • Hunting gear such as camouflage outfits, rifles and binoculars
  • Fishing gear such as a fishing pole, tackle box and bait
  • Hunting and gun dog companions such as Bassett Hounds and Labrador Retrievers who help with tracking and hunting activities

Fun Hunting Scrapbook Ideas

There are many different creative options for a hunting scrapbook.


You can create a scrapbook that captures the personality of your family and the mood of the hunting trip. Here are some layout Ideas to personalize your hunting scrapbooks:

  • Narrative: Organize your scrapbook in the form of a story. Have each page tells a section of a story, in words and pictures, in chronological order. Place a special photo on the cover of the album with a title.
  • Photo story: Tell the story all in photos. Highlight special pictures to add a tone such as suspense or humor to the story.
  • Featured photos: Build the album around special photos. For example, your husband poses with his prize four-pointer in a large photo centered on the page. Smaller complimentary photos showing your husband dressed for hunting and scouting for deer are on attached around the main photo on the same page or on an opposite page. These smaller photos give details leading up to the featured photo.
  • Free form: Use artistic layouts for the photos. Create pages in free form with no particular order. The free form album usually incorporates many design elements.
  • Mixed media: Mix different layout forms in the album. Use a short narrative to describe a funny incident. Tell other stories entirely in photos. Feature photos in other sections to capture a dramatic incident.

Special Touches

You can add special touches to the hunting album with the way that you incorporate design elements. Here are some ways to add a special touch to the album:

  • Include a memento of the hunting trip: For example, you can incorporate a piece of material from your son's hunting shirt into a design on a page or a turkey feather quill from his first wild turkey kill.
  • Add a copy of a hunting diary page: If you husband keeps a diary of his hunting activities, make copy of one of his entries and create a page around it.
  • Use natural decorations: Pick flowers and leaves and other natural flora and fauna from the area. Dry flowers, press leaves and place them in the album. Glue special colorful stones and other small natural objects in your collection onto pages.

Online Resources

The Internet has a large number hunting and fishing scrapbook supplies. For example:

  • Scrap Your Trip: Scrap Your Trip has a large selection of hunting and fishing paper, stickers and die cuts.
  • Scrap Girls: Scrap Girls sells digital hunting design elements.
  • Scrapbook Scrapbook: The site has free downloads of outdoor layouts that are suitable for hunting scrapbooks.
  • Computer Scrapbook: Computer Scrapbook has free hunting theme digital scrapbook downloads.

Hunting scrapbook ideas can aid your creative process. You may discover that among all of your hunting trip mementos and scrapbook supplies, you already have all the ingredients to personalize your hunting scrapbook..

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