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The kitchen is often the heart of the home. There are so many memories, traditions and special times related to food and cooking, it's natural to capture these moments in a scrapbook. Use these free printables and ideas to create beautiful kitchen-themed scrapbook pages.

Printable kitchen-themed Scrapbook Paper

Get your kitchen scrapbook off to a good start with some kitchen-themed paper to use as a background. Download and print these three, free papers for use in your scrapbooking projects.

To download the papers, click on the image that you want to open the corresponding .pdf file. Then you can save the paper to your computer or print it out right away.

Kitchen scrapbook paper 1
Download and print this free paper.
Kitchen scrapbook paper 2
Download and print this free paper.
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Download and print this free paper.

Eight Simple Kitchen Scrapbook Ideas

There are so many ways to incorporate the kitchen into a scrapbook theme. Use these ideas to help you decide which special kitchen memories you want to create layouts for, and how to put them together.

Recipe Scrapbooks

This popular scrapbook idea combines recipes and scrapbooking to preserve favorite or generational recipes. It can also be used in many other ways, such as a compilation of recipes for a kitchen bridal shower or a book of easy meals for young adults. Typically in a recipe scrapbook, the recipe is printed or written on scrapbook paper along with any special notes, and a layout that includes a photo of the finished recipe. Photos of the necessary ingredients and utensils needed are also nice to include.

Favorite Family Meals

Mealtime can be a chore but there are many favorite family dishes that everyone remembers fondly. Consider layouts that revolve around these ordinary but still special family meals. If your family doesn't have one favorite, include a photo of each person and his or her favorite meal. Put in a copy of the favorite recipe and any notes on why the recipe is special or if it has specific memories attached.

Kitchen Firsts

First meal as married couple scrapbook page

Do you have photos of the first meal you made for your husband, a first cake baked for a child or the first time you made a new recipe that turned into a family favorite? Journal about these kitchen firsts making sure to include any humorous anecdotes, and use original photos if you have them. If you don't have original "first" photos, consider re-creating the dish and snapping a picture to use instead.

Holiday Baking

Whether it's Christmas cookies, special Halloween treats or savory Thanksgiving dishes, many families spend time in the kitchen baking for various holidays and special occasions. Dedicate some of your holiday scrapbook pages to preserving the kitchen memories surrounding these special times. Ideas may include:

  • Pictures of family cookie decorating
  • Photos of holiday-themed baked goods
  • Family and guests gathered in the kitchen
  • Pictures from parties where the guests enjoyed the treats

Kitchen Mishaps


Even if you're a gourmet cook, chances are you've had a few mishaps through the years. Next time the bread doesn't rise, that cake comes out all wrong or the cranberry sauce explodes all over the kitchen, don't get upset. Grab your camera and turn the situation into a creative scrapbook idea, such as:

  • Photos of recipes gone wrong, or presentations that just didn't look appetizing.
  • Pictures of young children getting into the kitchen and creating their own concoctions.
  • Children and teens learning to cook. Chances are they'll have plenty of cooking and baking experiences that don't turn out just right. Document their kitchen learning in a scrapbook and let them see how far they've come later.

Pantry and Refrigerator Fun

You might think of stocking your pantry and refrigerator as mundane chores, but these can be great kitchen scrapbooking ideas. Are you the kind of person who buys the same things every week, or do you always come home with new and different items? A fun idea can be to take pictures of items in the pantry and refrigerator and journal about what your family's staples are. Include sample shopping lists and notes on special memories of meals and snacks.

Scrapbook Snacks

Snacks refuel your body, so let a scrapbook page on snacks fuel your imagination. Take photos of favorite snacks and their related memories. Ideas include:

  • After school snacks
  • Snacks for the road
  • Favorite homemade snacks
  • Snacks reserved for special occasions
  • Creative snacks

Include bite-size notes on special ways the snacks are served or special dishes that are used.

Favorite kitchen mixer scrapbook page

scrapbooking Accents from the Kitchen

Many great photos, from a young child's face covered in cake to a laughing teen with a can of soda in her hand, involve food. To make these pictures even more memorable, feature items from your kitchen on the scrapbook page to add detail. Ideas of kitchen items that can be used for scrapbooking include:

  • Soda can tabs
  • Aluminum foil
  • Toothpicks
  • Cupcake wrappers
  • Brown lunch bags

Kitchen-Themed Supplies

You can find many different kitchen-themed scrapbook papers and embellishment options at scrapbook and craft stores, such as the following:

  • Scrap Your Trip: This retailer carries a variety of kitchen-themed scrapbook papers, as well as stickers and other embellishments.
  • Holly's Wholesale Scrapbook Supplies: Holly's has over a dozen cute scrapbook paper and embellishment collections, many of which are dedicated to cooking, baking and the kitchen in general.
  • Scrap Girls: Scrap Girls specializes in digital scrapbooking tools. They have a number of different kitchen and cooking-related scrapbook images to use.

Create Your Kitchen Scrapbook

With a little imagination, you can translate your creativity in the kitchen into memorable scrapbook pages. From creating heritage recipe scrapbooks to unique layouts using everyday kitchen items, you'll find many possibilities for featuring the kitchen in your scrapbook pages.

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