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Using lace patterned paper for scrapbooking can give your book a dainty feel, but it doesn't have to be old-fashioned. While lace may make some people think of doilies and Victorian-era furnishings, today's lace is often modern enough for any scrapbooker. The trick is in knowing how to use it on your layouts.

Using Lace Patterned Paper

Lace paper can be a subtle background or it can be an elegant border to your page. Try using lace paper in new and creative ways in order to create scrapbooks full of individuality.

  • Backgrounds: The simplest way to use lace paper is to make it the background. Affix photos and other embellishments on top. Light paper won't provide a high degree of contrast, so if you want a real visual "pop," try using dark lace paper instead.
  • Borders: You'll find full sheets of lacy paper, as well as trims and borders to embellish your pages. Trims can be placed anywhere on the page; you don't just have to use them as borders, so try outlining photos with them. You can also use lacy corner pieces to decorate these areas.
  • Colors: White, cream and pastel lace patterned paper are good color choices for subtle designs, but if you want something edgier, you can find it or create it. Light-colored lace paper is delicate and airy, but choosing lace paper in darker tones gives your scrapbook an entirely different look.

Finding Lace Paper for Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking paper is readily available in virtually any craft store, and lace patterns are no exception. These scrapbook suppliers carry a large variety of accessories, including lace paper.

  • Paper Wishes has a good selection of lace papers, including black matte and shiny pink versions. iI you want something beyond the ordinary lace, you'll find it here. The site also carries lace sticker trim, glitter lace stickers and border stickers.
  • BaerDesignStudio, and Etsy shop, carries a collection of vintag lace digital paper. You can use these papers to create background and trims..
  • features a variety of lace papers, in several different colors. Blue, white and red are some of the variations you'll find. You can also choose your own colors in designs featuring lace detail on a mostly solid background.
  • Alpha Stamps has plenty of retro-type supplies, including beautiful lacy sheets in gold, blue and black.

A Feminine Feel

Lace papers will lend a feminine feel to your scrapbook, so it's probably best to save these patterns for books you create for girls and women. Use them for scrapbook themes pertaining to weddings, bridal showers, babies, baby showers, Mother's Day, her birthday or anniversaries.

Using Your Creativity

With so many different colors and types of lace paper, you can easily create dozens of looks. Use this paper for scrapbooking, but unleash your creativity with other hobbies as well. Lace stickers can add elegance to plain candles and lace trim adds flair to handmade cards. Lace doesn't have to be any more "fussy" than you make it. In hot pink, black and glitter varieties, lace patterned paper can be quite modern and up-to-date.

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Lace Patterned Paper