Make a Cruise Scrapbook

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Learning how to make a cruise scrapbook can be a rewarding way to remember a vacation. Every time you want to remember a fun activity, you can open the album and relive the happy memories.

Why a Cruise Scrapbook?

It is rewarding to make a cruise scrapbook. With all of the numerous cruise-themed decorative elements available, you can easily personalize the album. Soon you will a physical memory of the fun vacation. You will be able to enjoy your vacation memories for a lifetime.

You already want to capture your vacation memories creatively. What are other reasons to start a cruise scrapbook? The cruise theme offers creative opportunities to create a truly beautiful album. You will also have photographs of exotic places to place in the album and decorate. Here are some of the reasons to create a cruise scrapbook:

  • You can look through the album with loved one and remember the fun times.
  • The album will keep your vacation photographs organized.
  • You can enjoy decorating album pages with the large selection of cruise-themed decorative elements.
  • Scrapbooking is a great family project. The entire family can contribute their memories to the album pages.

Select Your Album Format

Have you decided upon a traditional album or a digital one? Digital scrapbooks are created entirely on the computer. Traditional albums involve more hands-on art work. If you enjoy art projects, you may prefer a traditional scrapbook. However, some people find digital scrapbooks more convenient because pages can be completed quickly on the computer with any level of creative skill. Consider your preferences and available time for the cruise scrapbook when you make your decision.

How to Make a Cruise Scrapbook

Gather Scrapbook Supplies

If you are new to scrapbooking, there are few basic necessary supplies you will need.Items needed for a traditional album:

  • Scrapbook
  • Album pages
  • Decorative paper
  • Acid-free glue stick
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Stencils
  • Personal paper trimmer
  • Stickers
  • Rubber stamps and inkpads
  • Decorative elements such as frames and die-cuts
  • Selected photos and souvenirs from the cruise

To make a digital scrapbook:

  • Digital scrapbook software program
  • Access to image editing program such as Photoshop Elements or Paintshop Pro
  • Digital postmarks, brushes and stamps
  • Photo scanner and/or digital camera

Choose Cruise Theme Page Decorations

Many cruise theme scrapbooking decorative elements are available. Choose from the decorative elements such as:

  • Nautical stickers, die-cuts and paper
  • Cruise ship stickers and paper
  • Sailor stickers
  • Ocean, sea, scuba divers, swimmers and beach-related decorations
  • Sea and ocean creature decorations
  • Vacation theme elements such as lounging chairs and umbrella drinks

Once you visit a scrapbook supply store, you will be amazed at how many cruise theme decorations are possible.

Create Album Pages

You are now ready to start creating scrapbook pages. Here are some tips to help you with your album pages:

  • Use scrap paper to plan the layout of each page.
  • Organize your photos so that they tell the story of the cruise visually.
  • Drawing decorative elements onto the pages will help you stretch out expensive elements like stickers and die-cuts. Use elements like stickers and die-cuts in conjunction with sketching decorations.
  • Use plastic page protectors on each finished page to protect art work.

Online Resources for Cruise Scrapbooks

You can find cruise scrapbook creative ideas, discount supplies and unusual decorative elements on the Internet. Online retailers who sell cruise-related scrapbooking supplies include:

Scrapbook Cruises

Now that you enjoy scrapbooking, did you know that there are scrapbook cruises? Scrapbooking clubs and travel agencies have organized various cruise trips for people who enjoy scrapbooking. Everyone brings their scrapbook with them and works on it during the cruise.

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