Male Scrapbookers

The number of men who scrapbook is increasing.

Scrapbooking is often thought of as a pastime for women, but the number of male scrapbookers is on the rise.

Famous Men Who Scrapbook

A look at the list of famous scrapbookers throughout history will reveal that many of the most prominent men in America enjoyed preserving their memories in scrapbook albums. For example, Thomas Jefferson kept detailed books featuring newspaper clippings and other information related to his accomplishments during his presidency. Author Mark Twain was also an avid scrapbooker, inventing a special type of pre-pasted memory album that earned him more than $50,000 in profits - a sum that at the time surpassed the earnings from the literary works he is best known for today.

If you're looking for a more contemporary example of a man who enjoys scrapbooking, keep in mind that actor Brendan Fraser is said to keep scrapbooks with memorabilia relating to his movies. In one interview with Redbook, Fraser even indicates that scrapbooking has been a lifelong interest. As an example, he points to a scrapbook he made in sixth grade with a picture of Susan Sarandon and a notation that reads "I'm going to marry this woman."

Male Scrapbookers Today

Recent CHA research indicates that over one million men participate in scrapbooking activities. Many of the largest scrapbook supply stores report that between 10 and 20 percent of their customers are men, a number that continues to rise each year.

Men who are interested in photography, writing, or graphic design often find scrapbooking appealing. Those with an interest in genealogy may also turn to scrapbooking as a way to creatively preserve their family research.

Men who scrapbook complete layouts featuring many of the same subjects as their female counterparts. Family and friendship projects are very popular, but many men also enjoy scrapbooking topics such as trips to sporting events or seeing their favorite bands in concert.

When compared to women, male scrapbookers tend to gravitate towards a Clean and Simple Scrapbooking style. Instead of investing lots of money in trendy supplies, they often stick with simple cardstock backgrounds and create pages that focus on the photos and the story behind a particular event.

The most commonly used colors in the masculine scrapbooking style are:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Black
  • White
  • Brown

Instead of dainty ribbons and frilly flowers, most male scrapbookers choose rustic metal or chipboard embellishments for their pages. When male scrapbookers use patterned papers, stripes or subtle geometric papers are a popular choice. Text papers are also a favorite with men who scrapbook, since they are a simple yet effective way to reinforce the theme of a page.

Although many men who scrapbook tend to be reluctant to talk about their hobby or take part in organized crop events, an increasing number are joining Internet scrapbooking communities and participating in contests to win prizes for their work. In 2007, 18-year-old Mitchell Kraft became the first male scrapbooker to win a spot in the Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. The magazine also publishes the work of male scrapbookers with increasing frequency.

Scrapbooking as a Couples Activity

As you might expect, many male scrapbookers were introduced to the hobby by their girlfriends or wives. Shopping for supplies, taking pictures, journaling, and creating pages together can be a wonderful way for a couple to take their relationship to the next level.

If you're a woman who scrapbooks, encouraging your significant other to take an interest in your favorite pastime can be tricky. You may want to buy him a few supplies that will appeal to more masculine tastes, such as textured cardstock in neutral colors and embellishments with sports or car themes. Suggesting a project that you can complete together, such as an album documenting a recent vacation, may also be a good way to spark his creative interests.

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Male Scrapbookers