Motorcycle Scrapbook Ideas

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Are you looking for motorcycle scrapbook ideas? With the popularity of cycling among people of all different walks of life, there are large selections of paper, layouts and design elements for scrapbooking. Find out how to make a scrapbook that captures the way you feel about your bike.

Motorcycle Scrapbooks

Motorcycle scrapbooks are a good way to preserve memories of special road trips and the history of the bike. They provide a decorative way to organize photos of a road trip with personalized comments that go beyond simple photo albums. The motorcycle scrapbook can serve as a photo history, keeper of special mementos and journal.

Motorcycle themes provide opportunities for many creative layouts due to the fact that a bike journey can take place in so many different settings. Unlike many other themes, you are not limited to one subject in decorative element selection. This means that you can use decorative elements from themes such as outdoors, transportation, camping or location specific items.

Whether a scrapbook is a personal album or a gift for a friend, there are many ways to create a motorcycle scrapbook.

Motorcycle Scrapbook Ideas Guide

Scrapbook Planning

Once you decide to create a motorcycle scrapbook, you need to decide the following:

  • Album type: Do you want a digital or traditional album? The album type depends upon your preference and creativity level. Digital albums are convenient and don't require the same level of artistic skill. Traditional albums allow you to do artwork by hand such as stenciling, using rubber stamps or sketching a picture.
  • Photo selection: Pick out the photos for the scrapbook. Determine which photos need to be edited or cropped. Prepare photos for the scrapbook.
  • Layout ideas: Write down ideas for layouts to help you determine which supplies to purchase.

After determining a general plan for the album, you can now buy scrapbook supplies.

Motorcyle Scrapbook Supplies

Motorcycle scrapbook supplies include the following:

  • Stickers: Stickers of motorcycles, helmets, biker jackets, tools and popular motorcycle brand logos and symbols are available.
  • Paper: Paper selections include images of motorcycles, Harley-Davidson logos, images of elements and biker graphics. Papers come in a variety of colors.
  • Albums: Albums with pictures of motorcycles on them are also an option. Some albums feature specific motorcycle brands with pictures of bikes and logos.
  • Layouts: Layout packages are also available in the motorcycle theme for both traditional and digital scrapbooks.
  • Other design elements and tools: Frames, stencils, rubber stamps, digital postmarks, scissors with patterns and cutouts are some of the many design elements and tools that are available in designs suitable for the motorcycle theme.

Motorcycle Scrapbook Ideas

Here are some ideas for motorcycle scrapbooks:

  • Story book: Arrange the scrapbook like a story book, with each page narrating the story in words and photos.
  • Photo history: Tell the story all in photos without words. This is similar to a photo album, but with more creative layouts and decorative elements.
  • Wheels layout: Cut each scrapbook page into the shape of a wheel or draw a wheel on a full size page. Put all page details inside the wheel. You can also do this with other symbols such as a bike helmet.
  • Custom stickers: Create custom stickers with photos of your bike and any other personal photos. Use the custom stickers as decorative elements in traditional albums. Custom sticker supplies are available at many craft stores.
  • Artistic layouts: Scrapbook pages do not have to go in chronological order or be organized in a traditional manner. Create photo montages. Write a word that captures a feeling on a piece of decorative paper and glue it somewhere on the page. Layer different types of decorative paper with photos and stickers.

Do a few rough draft layouts before finalizing a page. This will help you get the page just right and prevent a waste of materials due to mistakes.

Research motorcycle layout ideas and view other people's motorcycle digital scrapbook albums online. The Internet has many helpful scrapbook resources.

Online Resources for Motorcycle Scrapbooks

Many local craft stores and scrapbook supply stores should carry the necessary supplies for the motorcycle theme. However, the Internet is a convenient resource and many online retailers sell a larger selection of motorcycle theme supplies than local stores. The Internet also has websites with sample motorcycle scrapbook layouts and tips for creating motorcycle scrapbooks.

The following websites have supplies or helpful information for motorcycle scrapbooks:

  • Scrappin' Sports Stuff: Scrappin' Sports Stuff sells many motorcycle design elements such as stickers and die cuts. The site also has Harley-Davidson licensed scrapbook supplies.
  • Scrap Your Trip: Scrap Your Trip has a selection of motorcycle theme paper.
  • Scrapbook Scrapbook: The site has free printable motorcycle theme designs and paper.

There are many ways to make a creative motorcycle scrapbook. With the large selection of motorcycle scrapbook supplies available today, you can find everything necessary to create a special album.

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