Motorcycle Stickers for Scrapbooking

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Whether you want to jazz up a scrapbook layout about your first motorcycle or document the restoration of your husband's Harley, motorcycle stickers for scrapbooking are an inexpensive way to add color and dimension to any motorcycle-themed project.

Types of Motorcycle Stickers

You have several choices when it comes to motorcycle stickers for your scrapbooking projects:

  • Branded stickers Stickers that represent specific brands, such as Harley-Davidson or Kawasaki, are perfect additions if you want your stickers to match the type of motorcycle you're scrapbooking about.
  • Generic stickers Generic stickers are motorcycle-themed embellishments not affiliated with a particular brand. They might depict a no-name motorcycle or they might represent motorcycle-related objects, such as helmets, leathers, checkered flags, etc.
  • Decals Decals are stickers not necessarily created specifically for scrapbooking, but can easily be added to your projects. Most motorcycle manufacturers make these decals for fans and customers to add them to helmets, sidecars, cars, and trailers.
  • Make your own It's easy to make your own stickers by scanning photos or clip art and printing them out on sticker paper. Trim to size, and adhere to your project for a custom look.

Uses for Motorcycle Stickers for Scrapbooking

Stickers are one of the most economical way scrapbookers can add personality and interest to a paper-crafting project. Packs of stickers usually cost only a few dollars, and you can purchase decals for about the same price. Making your own stickers will run you only the cost of the printer ink and sticker paper. Once you have made your sticker selections, the uses for motorcycle stickers are limited only by your own imagination. Here are some suggestions:

  • Add a border of small stickers to draw attention to the title on your page.
  • Make a large sticker or helmet decal the focus of a title page or cover of a mini-album.
  • Use stickers around the corners of photographs to help direct attention to the subject of your page.
  • Pair colorful photos with black-and-white photos or vice-versa to balance the visual impact of a page
  • Use many motorcycle-themed stickers to customize plain cardstock for a motorcycle layout.
  • Add stickers to plain note cards for invitations to a motorcycle-themed party or as thank-you notes or a pack of blank greeting cards as a gift for a motorcycle enthusiast.
  • Liven up school supplies such as notebooks, book covers, and lunchboxes for a young motorcycle fan.


Most of the larger sticker manufacturers make motorcycle-themed stickers. Look for these manufacturers:

Where to Purchase

Stickers are a popular, basic supply for scrapbooking, so you can most likely find motorcycle-themed stickers at any large scrapbooking store. If you don't have a scrapbook store nearby, turn to one of the dozens online scrapbook stores. Some of the largest online scrapbooking and craft stores include:

You can also find motorcycle stickers and decals at motorcycle dealers and online stores, such as:

If you're creating your own stickers, your word processing program will have a selection of clip art. You can also download free clip art online from sources like:

If you're looking for a bargain, searches on eBay will also bring up a huge variety of motorcycle-themed stickers, some at rock-bottom prices.

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Motorcycle Stickers for Scrapbooking