Multiple Photo Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking layout ideas
Make a border of small photos to fit more images on your layout.

Although many popular scrapbooking magazines feature lots of layouts with only one or two photos, an increasing number of crafters are finding themselves in search of ideas for multiple photo scrapbook pages.

Ways to Fit More Photos on Your Page

If you're looking for ways to fit more photos on your scrapbook page, you have several different options to consider.

Crop Your Photos

The best way to make multiple photo scrapbook layouts is to simply crop your prints into a smaller size. Unless you're a professional photographer, your photos probably have lots of unnecessary background detail. Use your paper trimmer or a large square punch to crop them to a more manageable size, so you can fit as many photos as possible on your layout. If you wish, you can leave one or two photos at their original size to help stress their importance.

Make a Mini Album

A mini album is always a good way to add space for extra photos on your layout and to include journaling that you might not want to casual observer to be able to see. You can find mini album kits wherever scrapbook supplies are sold. You can also try making your own mini album by using a die cutting machine such as the Cricut to cut out several shapes that you tie together with a scrap of ribbon.

When attaching a mini album to your page, remember that you'll need to use a very strong adhesive. Try large glue dots or double sided tape to make sure your mini album stays put.

Make a Pocket Page

If you have lots of photos, as well as a collection of special memorabilia, a pocket page is a simple way to preserve all your memories. Just tuck the extra prints into a pocket or envelope on your layout for safekeeping. To add a little extra interest to your page, try folding an envelope made from your favorite patterned paper using the tutorial on the LoveToKnow Origami Web site.

Design Tips for Multiple Photo Scrapbook Pages

Whether you're scrapbooking a wedding, vacation, or memories of your baby's first day home from the hospital, here are a few tips for making multiple photo scrapbook pages that earn rave reviews:

  • Consider printing the majority of your photos in black and white and making one special photo a color print to draw attention to it.
  • Save time by either skipping photo mats completely or having your photos printed with white borders that provide the looking of matting without the extra work involved.
  • If you don't have space for a large amount of journaling, but still have important details you want to include, use brads or eyelets to mat your photos on tags that can "swing" out to reveal the necessary information.
  • Go easy on the embellishments. When your page has multiple photos, your pictures should be the primary focus of the layout. Choose just one or two embellishments to add interest to your page and save the rest of your goodies for another project.
  • If you frequently create multiple photo scrapbook pages, consider investing in an idea book such as the PageMaps guide by Becky Fleck. The sketches are sure to help jump start your creative juices.

You Don't Need to Scrapbook Every Photo

While it's fine to create multiple photo scrapbook pages, please keep in mind that there is no rule that says you must scrapbook every photo you take. If you don't truly love your pictures, it's fine to scrapbook four or five photos from an event and simply burn the rest to a CD for safekeeping. Don't feel obligated to spend hours searching for a way to organize a huge stack of photos that hold no special significance for you. Scrapbooking is supposed to be fun, not overwhelming!

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Multiple Photo Scrapbook Pages