Native American Scrapbook Paper

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Create a scrapbook to showcase or acknowledge your Native American ancestry, and display your photos and words on some Native American-themed scrapbook paper. Download these three free paper designs and print them out at home for a stunning and thematic backdrop.

Three Free Native American Scrapbook Papers

Download these free paper designs to your computer as PDFs. Once you've saved them, print them out onto high-quality, archival, acid-free paper. Then use them as is, or trim them down to fit smaller scrapbooks. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Native American Scrapbook Paper
Download this free paper.
Native American Scrapbook Paper
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Native American Scrapbook Paper
Download this Native American themed paper.

Create and Embellish

Use these three scrapbook papers as the background for a fully decorated and integrated scrapbook showcasing a Native American theme. In addition to using these papers as a background for your photos, you can use them in other ways as well:

  • Cut the first or third papers into strips to use as borders around a plain scrapbook paper, or to border specific photos
  • Cut the papers into various shapes to layer on top of a plain paper, beneath a photograph
  • Use the papers for paper piecing to add some additional interest to a design

Add to your designs with other Native American-themed embellishments, such as:

  • Stickers or die cuts
  • Printing in specific Native languages, such as the Cherokee, Cree or Blackfoot languages, which have their own alphabets and writing style
  • Colors from the landscape where your ancestor's tribe originates from

Start Scrapping

With these three free papers at your disposal, you'll have plenty of ways to create and embellish a Native American-themed scrapbook. No matter what your heritage or tribe, you'll find it easy to create a scrapbook that displays it with pride, once you have the right tools.

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Native American Scrapbook Paper