New Year's Eve Scrapbook

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Creating a New Year's Eve scrapbook layout is a great way to celebrate this special holiday. Whether you're planning to attend a fancy party with friends or just want to sit at home watching movies with your significant other, these memories are worthy of a place in your scrapbook. Use these printable templates to put together beautiful pages with ease.

Free Printable New Year's Scrapbook Pages

Free printable layouts make it easy to create pages for your holiday photos. Click on the thumbnails to open the PDF files and save them to your computer. Print your finished layouts on acid-free cardstock or photo paper. If you need help downloading the pages, check out these helpful tips.

New Year's Eve scrapbook page
Download this New Year's Eve scrapbook layout.
New Year's Eve scrapbook page
Download and print this New Year's Eve scrapbook page.

Embellishment Ideas

Embellish your printed layouts with eye-catching techniques such as:

  • Trace the confetti with gold or silver paint pens
  • Add a thin line of glitter glue around the squares for each of the photos to give the layout a bit of sparkle
  • Instead of photos, glue in bits of paraphernalia from the evening such as real confetti, a cutout of a party hat made from a real one, or the label from your bottle of champagne

Felt flowers, sparkling rhinestone brads, and pretty patterned ribbons can be at home on a New Year's layout as well. Choose supplies that speak to your creative impulses, instead of trying to adhere to a rigid theme.

Journaling Starters

Journaling is an important part of any scrapbook layout. If you're having trouble deciding what to say on your page, these questions may help you overcome your writer's block:

  • What traditions help you ring in the New Year? Do you go out to dinner with your husband? Play board games with your kids? Have a party with your friends? Spend a quiet evening at home with takeout and a good movie?
  • If you're normally not a night owl, how hard is it for you to stay up until midnight? Do you have any tricks to help you stay awake for the festivities?
  • What was your biggest accomplishment over the past year? What was your greatest disappointment?
  • What are your goals for the New Year? How do you plan to achieve these goals?

Title Ideas for New Year's Eve Scrapbook Pages

If you're looking for a special title to use for your scrapbook layout, here are some great options to consider:

  • A New Year, A New Me
  • Ringing in the New Year
  • Let's See What the Future Brings
  • Out With the Old, In With the New
  • Here's to Health, Happiness, and Hope in the New Year
  • A Time for Celebration
  • Time to Party

Capture the Fun

No matter how you decide to approach your New Year's Eve scrapbooking, you can't go wrong if you remember to have fun! Try to capture the excitement and enthusiasm that a new year brings.

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