Picnic Scrapbook Themes

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When it comes to picnic scrapbook themes, your options are as limitless as the great outdoors.

Preparing for a Picnic Layout

While a picnic is often a spontaneous idea, your scrapbook layout might benefit from a little bit of extra planning. Next time you go on a picnic, keep the following scrapbook-related tips in mind:

  • Take lots of series shots, especially of people eating and laughing. These photos can be especially cute if children are messy eaters.
  • Get pictures of the little things. Is this going to be your daughter's first bite of potato salad? Get a picture of her reaction.
  • Save food packages if they aren't messy. If your family members love having a particular brand of cookies at a picnic, save a piece of the box to include in your layout.
  • Take a picture of the spread. Food is a big part of the fun when it comes to picnicking, so be sure to take a picture of the buffet table.
  • Keep picnic memorabilia for your layout. This might include parking passes or maps from a local park.

Picnic Scrapbook Themes for Layouts

Whether your picnic was perfect or you got rained out, capture everything on film. These events make wonderful scrapbook subjects, and you never know which photos will inspire you.

Here are a few ideas for picnic scrapbook themes.

A Picnic Without Ants?

Did you luck out and avoid the ants at your picnic? When it comes to scrapbook layouts, an ant invasion can be a good thing. Use ant-shaped stickers or die cuts to swarm your scrapbook page. Make sure you imitate the way ants travel in real life by placing them in zigzagging single-file lines. If you're unable to find ant stickers, you can use an ant-shaped rubber stamp, draw the ants with an acid-free marker, or print your own ant stickers using computer clip art.

Open the Picnic Basket

Consider creating a layout featuring a picnic basket. You can either use a large die cut of a picnic basket or use clip art to print your own image. Attach the top of the basket to the page, and place fun picnic photos under the basket shape. When you lift the basket flap, the photos will be highlighted inside.

Red Checks and Silverware

When most people think of picnics, red-checked cloths come to mind. Even if your family ate inside a pavilion or on an old beach blanket, a red-checked scrapbook layout can really highlight your picnic theme. To create the red and white page, use checked scrapbook paper, red frames around photos, and die cuts of picnic baskets or picnic tables. Don't forget to include embellishments featuring picnic utensils like silverware and paper plates.

Feature Picnic Tables

If you browse the scrapbook aisle at your local craft store, chances are good that you'll find ready-made picnic table embellishments. These add-ons can provide visual interest and texture for your picnic scrapbook page, and they can be perfect for scenes where everyone is eating. If you can't find ready-made embellishments, consider using a rubber stamp in the shape of a picnic table or similarly shaped stickers.

Family Reunion Picnics

Often, picnics are an activity that goes along with family renunions. If your picnic scrapbook will feature photos of many different people, be sure to include a big group shot. It's also fun to incorporate a series of photos of different people doing the same thing. For instance, you could take a photo of each person biting into a hot dog and create a layout with all of these images displayed together.

As you're packing up the pasta salad, picnic blanket, silverware, and soda, don't forget to toss your camera in that picnic basket! While picnics are one of the most enjoyable summer activities, you'll have almost as much fun reliving and preserving the memories.

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